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Tips on how to prevent Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease may also occur at a young age, memory will strengthen regular training or herbs. According to the Alzheimer's data, most people suffer from this disease, aged between 80 and 89, but the number of patients aged 50 or less is also rising. Diagnosis of the disease is difficult in the younger age and few people suspect it may be related to it.

The need for prevention and illness is reminiscent of the International Alzheimer's Day, which falls on 21 September . Prevention is the key to long-term sustainable health. Strengthen memory will help regular brain training. Equally important is brain cell nutrition, which can take the form of a herbal treatment.

The risk is long-term stress and lack of brain regeneration

According to the Czech Alzheimer Society (CALS), approximately 152,000 people are currently affected by Alzheimer's disease in the Czech Republic. In the brain there are breakdowns of its parts and different metabolism, as a result of which the cognitive function of the organism decreases. Disease is slowly coming, and especially in younger people, accompanying symptoms are hardly recognizable. Only 20% to 30% of patients have a right diagnosed disease.

In older age, symptoms are more noticeable. There is a loss of memory, forgetfulness, confusion and inability to perform everyday activities. The accompanying phenomenon may also be a general apathy towards the environment, personality change, loss of mobility, significant weight loss and disorientation in place and time. Alzheimer's outbreak does not only affect age or inheritance, long-term stress, overhaul, and poor regeneration of brain tissues also have a significant impact. For this reason, according to the Alzheimer's Center, the most risky group is people who do psy- cial work, such as doctors or managers.

Mental health promotes ginseng, bacchus helps with learning

It is important not only to train the brain cells but also to nourish them and give them time for adequate regeneration. In this case, it is possible to use herbs that are beneficial to human psyche and mental performance. For example, a bivalve gentian has been proven to be known as ginkgo biloba. "Ginkgo supports brain function, helps maintain memory and maintain psychic balance even in older age or more stressful situations. Mental health also supports ginseng, which has a positive effect on human cognitive abilities. In addition, it is a great antioxidant, " advises Jarmila Podhorna, the most famous Czech herbalist.

Learning also encourages St. John's wort, which also has positive effects on healthy digestion, kidney function and breathing. It also acts as a cardiotonic, affects anxiety, restlessness, depression and neurasthenia. Memories are also benefited by the Bakopa Minor, used by African and Asian peoples in learning, because it keeps memory and helps restore brain cells. In addition, it works against stress, restlessness and fatigue. Complementary herbal treatments and natural tinctures of selected herbs can also be enjoyed. Mental health works favorably from a ginkgo biloba mixture and has wheels that promote blood circulation, information absorption, brain performance and ability to concentrate. Overall, it also strengthens the mental balance.

Strengthen memory by loci or learning before bedtime

What is important is prevention, which prevents or prevents the illness. Experts recommend regularly boosting memory through targeted and regular training. The learning and remembering of things has proven to be the so-called loci method, which uses spatial or environmental signals. It works with an auxiliary route around which there are individual stops. Each of them is a different concept. As soon as you get your way along with stops in your mind, the association invokes the information. Memory is well trained just before you are put to sleep. The information obtained during this time does not disturb so many new memories and will remain in the memory preserved the next day.

There is also a connection between aerobic exercise and the cognitive ability of the body. Sports also promotes the growth of new cells in a part called the hippocampus. If you need to remember the abstract phenomenon, materialize it in a concrete form. Use visual images instead of words. Strengthening memory also helps to learn foreign languages. However, the simplest of memory-enhancing methods is well known. If you want to remember the information, say it out loud, you can recall it later. According to experts, this method applies to all activities, from the storage of keys from the car through the shopping list to the learning of school stuff.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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