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The brightest bluesrock of the contemporary Czech music scene is performed by the Brno band of Heysek. Their debut album, Shovel & Mattock, is the fingerprint of bluesrock's animality and rawness, which includes a lot of improvisation, "dirt" and imperfections.

The trio led by Honza Švihálek (including Hoochie Coochie Band) was created on the basis of the defunct rapblues project Nuck Chorris Gang. This time in their band Band of Heysek is less experiment and more blues, much more blues.

Video from recording session

Exclusive author, singer and guitarist Jan Švihálek is an icon not only of the Brno blues scene, and he also worked in a number of bands as well as occasional musical groups. With his current teammates, drummer Lukáš Kytnar and bass guitarist Mojmir Sabolovič , he met not only in the Nuck Chorris Gang, but also in bodies such as Hoochie Coochie Band, Cultural Impact, Dura & Blues Groove, Tady To Máš and others. The title of the album just describes exactly what kind of music this trio produces. "The Shovel and the Krumpáč is our long-standing description of the dirty fluffing music," explains drummer Lukáš Kytnar. "I do not know if this is the most dirty blues we ever played. It's just a kind of natural result of our age-old preview of music, which is easily translated into reality in the current tight set. "

Members of Band of Heysek tried to bring the album as much authenticity and feel as possible to the album, which is decorated by a trio at concerts. "We recorded everything in the studio live, including singing. Subsequently, only vocals and some solos were played. The board contains only your own stuff, one roll is a drawer. The others are fresh pieces, " says Lukáš Kytnar, who also admits that the current trio can significantly change its form. "We also kicked with the idea of ​​recording just a duo guitar and drums, because sometimes we play it. Basák temporarily lives outside the Czech Republic, so the duo has become a solution for us. But if we meet the orchestra of the guys we'll be able to understand, then we'll be twenty. "

Currently, there are three and after the debut album they are going to concert. Their home scene is the Brno Music Café Stará Pekárna, where the album will be baptized on November 10th . Hejsci also plan to baptize 16.11. at the legendary BluesAlive festival in Šumperk .

Source: tz, edited editorially

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