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Autumn plays will take children to ancient Greece at Olymp

In the afternoon of September 17, children and their parents are taking the Autumn Games game in the realm of ancient myths, mythical heroes and powerful gods. The Písek Gate and its surroundings in Prague 6 will be transformed into Mount Olymp, the seat of Greek gods. The gladiator duels, creative, musical and musical workshops, exciting legends, the ancient Delphic Martyrs, and much more are waiting for visitors.

Festival program Autumn play starts at 13:00 and continues until 19:00. The patronage of the festival was taken over by the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic and is supported by the Prague 6 City Hall. The program is free of charge.

"Autumn plays are such a heartbeat, without which we could not imagine in the Písecká Gate. Each year, a new topic is carefully selected to give the entire creative team a good deal. The preparation of this year's celebration of the Gods of Olympus is one of the most demanding, " says Vladana Rýdlová, organizer.

Both small and large visitors will be able to take part in the Full-Festival Olympics Journey , which will try out various Olympic disciplines. The competition will take place throughout the duration of the festival in the interior and exterior of the Písek Gate. Individual tasks are addressed to all age categories of participating children. Storytelling's ancestral storytellers make a world of heroic stories and legends. Children are listening to stormy stories in which the gods reward and punish human deeds by transforming the monsters, animals or trees, themselves also changing their form so that the people remain hidden on the ground.

There will be matches of the valiant gladiators who played in the dust of the arena for the amusement of the people, as well as examples of period armor and costumes. The endless warriors will replace the grace of the ancient dancers by filming Trn in the eye in the original and historically proven tradition of Greek theater and music. During a classical Greek dance workshop, the dance group Acropolis will teach dancing not only from mainland Greece.

Visitors will be able to see illustrations for a brand new book by the world famous painter, illustrator and writer Miroslav Šašek. This is Greece by Baobab Publishers.

In addition, visitors will be able to produce a fighter shield, an antique wreath of the goddess Aphrodite, or a mask of horrific Medusa Gorgona in ancient art workshops. They will be able to leave their future in the Delphic Wharf. No statesman dared to go to war or make serious decisions without the advice of Pithias, the priests of Apollo's temple. Plato's Academy invites both young and old to perform both gymnastic and musical performances in a throw-disc, running in full armor, folding with Muses and philosophical puzzles.

The Autumn Play Festival in Písecká Gate continues for the seventh year on the tradition of the children's creative festival. The program is attended by professional artists and whole-body organizations that are engaged in cultural and leisure activities. Children, as well as their parents, can thus entertain new experiences, experiences and authentic experiences from a period that is related to the theme of the festival.

A festival full of music, theater performances, creative workshops, sporting activities and competitions is tailored to the inquisitive children who like to go on in many different productions. Reconstructed Baroque building The Písecká Gate, in an attractive location near Prague Castle, is a popular cultural and public social center with good transport accessibility.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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