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September includes the prevention of heart disease. The most risky men are fifties and smokers

The most common causes of death in demographically developed countries are the circulatory system diseases in the last decade. Nearly half of deaths in the Czech Republic are bad hearts and blood vessels. Heart disease in the Czech Republic most often dies men aged 55 to 59, but they also affect women and do not avoid young people either. Although genetics also plays a role in these diseases, there are many factors that we can influence.

As part of the World Heart Day, which falls on September 29, we bring preventive tips to care for your heart and blood vessels.

Obesity is a big risk, the best prevention is movement

Although weight loss is primarily a topic for women, they are more likely to be overweight men. Over two-thirds of men and almost half of women are overweight in the Czech Republic. Overweight and obesity are one of the main causes of heart disease, and they contribute significantly to the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. By maintaining normal body weight and a healthy lifestyle, we can influence the risk of cardiovascular disease down to ninety percent.

The most important prevention is movement. Just half an hour of moderate exercise a day can prevent or at least delay the risk of cardiac and vascular disease. "Immediately after a healthy diet, movement is a very important protective factor. On the one hand, it increases energy expenditure, thereby preventing overweight and obesity, and also protects blood vessels against the development of atherosclerosis and affects other factors such as blood pressure and blood cholesterol, " recommends Aimil Pharmaceuticals.

Do not smoke, cigarettes increase the risk of heart attack twice

Smoking increases the risk of cardiac and vascular disease, the risk of myocardial infarction in smokers is up to two times that of non-smokers. In addition, it reduces human life by up to 10 years. Cigarettes are more often associated with cancer risk, but the truth is that a large number of smokers later in their life are facing just one type of cardiovascular disease.
As far as heart attacks are concerned, in the Czech Republic, one of the best acute care systems in the world has emerged in recent years, so the chances of survival are very high. Still, heart and vessel diseases - such as myocardial infarction or stroke - are one of the most astute because they kill suddenly. Unfortunately, even in case of survival and early intervention of doctors, they can cause us permanent and irreversible damage. The positive news is that some studies claim that quitting smoking quickly and significantly reduces these risks. Stop smoking makes sense at all ages, even with very strong smokers.

Keep the cholesterol level in the standard

Cholesterol, a substance of a fatty nature, is essential for the overall survival and preservation of the essential vital functions of the body. It is important, for example, for the production of hormones and vitamin D. But even though we can not live without it, it must not be too much in the blood. "An excess of cholesterol is deposited in the vascular walls and forms so-called sclerotic plaques, resulting in narrowing of the space in the vessels or also in the formation of clots. Depending on where the vessel is clogged, there is either a heart attack or a stroke, " explains Dr. Tomáš Sláma. Combining selected herbs can maintain cholesterol in the long run without side effects. In addition, herbal supplements do not burden other important organs such as liver or stomach.

The cholesterol in the blood is again largely shared by our diet. In general, it is recommended to significantly reduce or eliminate unsuitable food preparation procedures such as frying, frying and grilling, replacing fat with poultry or fish, and eating vegetable oils such as cannabis, pumpkin or linseed. You also need to reduce the amount of sweets, white pastries and prefer supplements with a lower glycemic index, such as wholemeal pasta or dark rice. Important vitamins, especially vitamin C, are important.

Factors that we will not be affected are far less

Factors that can not be affected include family history, age, and male gender. According to the Czech Statistical Office, the 55- to 59-year-old men and 65-year-old men and older men are most likely to die in the circulatory system. In women, the situation is different, women between the ages of 55 and 69 most often die due to cancer neoplasms, and from the age of 70 they represent their most frequent cause of the disease of the circulatory system.

If a person falls into the risk categories mentioned above, the more he should try to alleviate the factors that can affect them. These are the aforementioned smoking, obesity, lack of movement and poor diet. Risks are also excessive drinking of alcohol. Heart diseases are also threatened by people with high blood pressure and diabetics.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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