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Fish, coffee and alcohol: Can they slow down multiple sclerosis?

Yes. Regular consumption of fish, drinking coffee and drinking alcohol can help slow the progress of sclerosis. But it depends on the type of illness.

It certainly does not look like you can stop the treatment and instead buy herbs, coffee and slivovitz. Nevertheless, Belgian scientists have found a certain link between the course of relapses-remitting forms (alternation with a period of rest) of sclerosis and nutrition. Their research compared the rate of disease progression among people with different dietary habits, different attitudes to alcohol, among smokers and non-smokers. It turned out that in patients with relapsing-remitting form, who ate more fish (bold and lean) and drank coffee, it took more time to reach disability. A slight protective effect was also the consumption of small amounts of alcohol.

Cigarettes are getting worse

Smoking, on the other hand, has accelerated. The negative influence of tobacco on multiple sclerosis has long been known. And it's not just general harmful effects. It is shown that smokers have 60% more relapses and a double risk of brain drain (cerebral atrophy). The impact of smoking on multiple sclerosis is so profound that its cessation has a significant healing effect.

Progressive form of fish does not like

However, if you have a progressive form of multiple sclerosis, forget about "dietary treatment". In this group, no beneficial effects were noted for individual foods and beverages. Consumption of fatty fish even worsened the course of the disease. Possible cause is the presence of harmful chemicals. Researchers differ in the results in different forms as further evidence of the theory that the relaps-remitting and progressive form have a different mechanism of origin.

Everything with peace

It's nothing to discover - the importance of balanced diet and moderate alcohol drinking, as well as non-smoking, doctors have emphasized their patients for a very long time. A varied light diet is the foundation of the happy life of each and every one of us, and fish and coffee in it have an important place. There is nothing to be exaggerated, but their regular consumption of the body is beneficial. If you do not know the advice of alcohol, they prefer less than more. The ideal dose is one drink a day, but absolute abstinence is more beneficial than increasing the dose.

Source: Ereska

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