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5 myths about diabetes that you may also believe

Every ninth person suffers from diabetes in the Czech Republic. This is the most widespread disease in our country and in the world. Diabetes has a family or among the most famous of us. Still, many people still think, žediabetes is a disease affecting mainly seniors and that it is caused by excessive consumption of sugars. We bring you the five most common diabetes myths you may have also believed.

Myth 1: Over sugar can cause excessive sweating
Many people think that diabetes has caused sick people themselves over-eating sugar. He then deduces that the best prevention is to avoid sweets. "It's a myth that has been causing illness since the beginning. Diabetes of the second type, though, is closely related to poor diet, but not just the consumption of sweets and sugar. Beginners of diabetes are especially bad eating habits in general, " explains Tomas Slam (Aimil Pharmaceuticals). Bad eating includes over-consumption of fried and fat meals. Other risk factors include smoking, frequent alcohol consumption, overweight, lack of movement, but also excessive stress. Conversely, diabetes of the first type can not affect lifestyle. This type of diabetes only has about 7% of patients and is genetics behind it.

Myth 2: Diabetes suffers only by old people
While it is true that the second type of diabetes affects elderly more frequently, it can not be said that a young person or a child can not become ill with diabetes. Diabetes of the latter type usually have older people, but also overweight and very obese people, regardless of age. Because of the sedentary and passive way of life, young people and teenagers are no exception. Diabetes of the first type affects especially children and adolescents. A specific type of diabetes is diabetes mellitus, which in our population affects 1 to 3% of all pregnant women. Women who develop diabetes mellitus are up to 60% likely to develop second-degree diabetes. However, the outbreak of the disease can be delayed by sufficient movement, healthy eating and maintaining normal weight.

Myth 3: Scary people do not have diabetes
As mentioned above, unhealthy lifestyle and obesity are risky factors and really increase the likelihood of developing diabetes. Obesity is even a common cause of second-line diabetes and up to 90% of patients with this type of diabetes are overweight. However, all sugar-makers can not be thrown into one bag. "With diabetes of the first type, obesity and overweight are not very common, so even lean people can get sick with diabetes. In addition, one of the most common symptoms of first-line diabetes is a large weight loss without obvious cause, accompanied by thirst and fatigue, " explains doctor Tomas Slama.

Myth 4: Diabetes should not eat any sugar
Dietary treatment is really inevitable for diabetes. It does not mean, however, that a sugar-maker will never enjoy a favorite meal. In the case of this diet, it is especially important to avoid simple sugars, but for example, sugars in the form of fresh fruit can be tolerated by the patient. However, they must always maintain a healthy amount of sugar intake per day. The diet of diabetics should be balanced first, diabetics accept sugars, especially in the form of supplements, such as potatoes, rice or pastries. Restrictions are more about the size and frequency of portions. Also important is the variety of food and food quality.

Myth 5: Diabetes is treated with insulin injections
Treatment of diabetes is again dependent on the type of diabetes the patient suffers from. Not all diabetics need to inject insulin. This is the case in most cases only for first-type diabetics. This type of diabetes is characterized by the complete absence of insulin in the body. Diabetes of the second type are treated with medicines called antidiabetics. Nutrition habits are also usually required. Diabetes of the other type often have a number of other health problems, such as high blood pressure or elevated blood uric acid levels. Therefore, diabetics sometimes need to take multiple types of medication at one time. Sugar levels in the blood can also help to adjust natural food supplements that contain extracts from medicinal plants.

Source: tz Aimil Pharmaceuticals, edited editorially

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