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Phil Rudd with his band crumbles Czech cities

World renowned drummer Phil Rudd of AC / DC with his band Phil Rudd Band will be coming back to the Czech Republic for a great success in the fall, as part of his European club tour. The Australian, referred to as "The Soul and the Heart of AC / DC," will start his tour on September 27, 2017 in Pilsen and then play in five other Czech cities.

As special guests, Doctor Victor, Blue Rocket or Kreyson Memorial will appear on the stage. Concert visitors will have an extraordinary opportunity to see the last live AC / DC member live for the last time. You can enjoy not only the hits of his old work, but also the news. Phil Rudd Band promises great stunts in more than seventy minutes of play.

Ten May days, Phil Rudd crossed his band with Czech country and Slovakia, and throughout Europe on his tour. And it seems to him that fans have made a great impression on us: "I've had all possible big stadiums and halls with AC / DC, but I wanted to take this tour from the very beginning as a return to the roots until I started. For years I have not seen such a great thing. And I have to add with great surprise that from all over Europe the atmosphere in concerts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia was perhaps the most fervent, " he said after the tour, one of the most famous drummers in the history of rock music, adding: " I was so surprised how much people like the hard music I played with AC / DC, and I was even more surprised how not only the creation of this band, but also our present peaks . " His words are confirmed by the fact that Phil Rudd made the only concert record on his European tour in the Czech Republic, which he is currently considering to release as an official record. Some songs are also exclusively broadcast by the Czech Radio, which made the record.

Doctor Victor , to be heard by Prague fans, is historically the first Czech band selected by AC / DC to jump at the Prague concert during a world tour. In 2014, for the change, they jump over Lucie's big comeback tour, and in 2016 they were the official chanc of the Chinaski group.

Blue Rocket will play in Pilsen and České Budějovice. A group that originated twenty years ago. It was composed by singer Mara, guitarist Petr Samek, bass guitarist Daniel Slavik and drummer Lázně. After a short time, the second guitarist was missing, and they turned to the then sixteen-year-old Jan Černý. At that time, however, he did not accept their offer. Instead, Ondřej Dědič joined the group and another member joined by the keyboard, Filip Šašek. After the departure of Mary, singers joined singing with the new vocalist Áya Hacker.

Kreyson Memorial is the second band to be played by Phil Rudd Band in Pilsen and České Budějovice. The members of the band are drummer Robert Killer Vondrovic, guitarist Daniel Rohlik Krob and former guitarist Radek Reddy Kroc. The band is complemented by singer Petr "Doldy" Dolének, bass player Stanislav Jokiel and keyboardist Marek Svoboda.

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