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Jazzfest Brno: The Musical Rebels The Bad Plus - Less than Evil

Although the image of angry men and a somewhat controversial reputation is adorned by it, the American band The Bad Plus is rightly ranked among the best jazz trios in the world. And how not, when he has been playing for seventeen years.

The trio composed by Reid Anderson (double bass), Ethan Iverson (piano), and David King (drums) have knit the head of musical experts from the beginning because they have avoided traditional pieces by their work. But that did not prevent it from having many positive reviews and gaining legions of fans across the world.

At The Sono Center in Brno, The Bad Plus will perform on November 20 in the autumn echoes of JazzFest Brno.

"The Bad Plus are known for their innovative approach, jazz adaptations of famous hits and combinations of genres from jazz, rock, electronics to contemporary music. The band is constantly looking for rules that could break, boundaries that could be crossed, and genres that could be bridged, "says JazzFest Brno's artistic director Vilém Spilk. In recent years, the trio has gone through the tracks, but the latest record called "It's Hard" has returned to its roots and to what it has become most famous for the deconstruction of pop, rock and R'n'B songs. This repertoire will be the main part of their autumn concert in Brno. Visitors can enjoy the original compositions of Peter Gabriel, Johnny Cashe and Prince. And because every chapter has to start and finish, the Bad Plus chapter in the original line ends this year. Ethan Iverson, the pianist who has basically influenced the sound and musical philosophy of the band, will take its own way from the new year. "I'm leaving on top and we're lucky to experience this departure," Spilka said.

The Bad Plus concert is part of the Echoes of JazzFestBrno series, which has been the third consecutive year of the traditional spring part of the largest jazz show in the Czech Republic. Even before the US trio, however, JazzFest in Brno hosts a Canadian singer and pianist Dianu Krall , who will play on September 20 at DRFG Arena. Jazz lady fans will be introducing the repertoire of their new album, Turn Up The Quiet. "There are the last few dozen seated tickets for the concert. We have added tickets for the event, " adds JazzFest Executive Director Vlastimil Trllo.


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