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The Ombudsman advises parents and students about the problems at school

Every week, the Ombudsman receives at least 2 lessons on education. Parents or even pupils disagree with the decision of the school heads, complain about conflicts with teachers, disagree with the outcome of the maturita examination, object to bullying at school,

Approximately 130 complaints are received annually by the Defender, and can not always be dealt with by the Ombudsman. It turns out that in matters relating to education, parents or pupils often do not know how they can solve problems, who they can or should turn to.

On the occasion of the launch of the new school year, Ombudsman Anna Šabatová therefore decided to issue a leaflet explaining the most common problems and questions people are asking for. It explains the situations in which people should turn to the school management, the founder, the Czech School Inspectorate, the ministry or the court, and when it comes to problems that the ombudsman can help them. In particular, it discusses how to deal with a frequent situation where parents or pupils disagree with the decision of the school head or school director, advise on how to resist disagreement with the outcome of the maturitní zkoušku and what to do on suspicion of discrimination.

Flyer with the most frequently asked questions.

Source: tz, Ochrá

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