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5 Tips to Save on Fuel

To save on gasoline or diesel, it does not matter to save at any cost. The cheap pump is more likely to hit those who neglected maintenance, which is reflected in quality. Cheap fuel will also increase your consumption. Risks are then pumped in business premises that nobody checks. Read 5 tips on how to consume fuel safely.

Do not be hunters of cheap pumpkins

Looking for cheaper gasoline or diesel at any price is often not worth it. Even if you spend less on fuel, you do not have to save anything. Poor fuel will often increase the consumption of your car. As a result, you get less money with cheap fuel than you would have paid. And we're not talking about cheap pumps of dubious quality. Some companies even provide reports with reports of the cheapest petrol stations as well as information about potential savings. However, fueling the cheapest fuel is not very economic, not just because of the extra kilometers you have to drive to refuel. The consequences may be due to expensive engine repairs in the future. Among the top 200 cheapest petrol stations, there are sometimes well-known petrol stations, mainly EuroOil, but also Benzina or MOL, but the rest are usually no-name petrol stations or hypermarket stations.

High prices on motorways can be avoided by using a flat rate

It is well known that pumps on motorways are considerably more expensive than in the rest of the country. This is natural, because any item is usually sold at higher prices at exposed locations. Gas stations on motorways also have higher operating costs. To save you on the highway, there is no need to go outside. "Entrepreneurs and companies can refuel at an average price in both the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. This area price is long below the price average in all regions and no minimum mining is required, " says Damir Duraković (Axigon).

There is no control of pumps in business premises

Do you have the opportunity to refuel at a petrol station in the premises of a business? Costly can be tempting, but these pumps and service tanks are not subject to any quality control. At first glance, you do not even need to know that something is wrong, but long-term refueling of poor quality can be reflected in the future. For fuel distribution, regular taps and tanks cleaning, fuel pickup and maintenance of all technology must be taken into account. In addition, there is not much space available for field pumps as large filling stations, which must have sophisticated maintenance and control systems to check whether they meet standards.

And what about CNG?

Alternative Fuel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is increasingly popular with drivers. The CNG kilogram is currently sold at a price between approximately 24 and 25 CZK. "However, this figure is not a benchmark for the price per liter of petrol. It is necessary to come up with the price per cubic meter of CNG because it delivers just as much energy as a liter of gas, "says Damir Durakovic. "Cubic meter CNG is currently worth between CZK 17 and CZK 18. You will pay for a liter of gasoline, depending on the location, between 28 and 29 CZK, "he adds. It is as if you had 11 crowns cheaper. A mileage driven CNG will cost you up to 90 cents to 1 cc.

Good planning and timing of the route

For fuel, last but not least, you'll also save on proper planning and timing of your journey. Companies are therefore monitoring their vehicles to optimize routes and consumption. Sufficient travel time travel allows you to drive without stress and economy. Due to proper route planning due to various closures and detours, you avoid driving in extremely demanding columns or unexpected detours that can complicate your journey and unnecessarily prolong it.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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