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Vettel vs Hamilton: hard to find different

Currently, Formula One drivers are not the fastest riders, but only one can become the overall champion. Although they have very balanced performances on the motoring circuits, they are all in private. Like water and fire. Speaking about Lewis Hamilton, champion of last year's championship title, and Sebestian Vettel who did not score after the car in the first round of VC Singapore and lost 28 points to Hamilton.

Showman vs. Family type

On the one hand, the Lewis party king, surrounded by well-known and beautiful women, is on the other rather introverted and media attention avoiding Sebastian. Hamilton never has a party, he does not talk to many people in show business and celebrities. At his side was the singer and dancer Nicole Scherzinger, who was then replaced by superstar Rihanna or Rita Ora. That Vettel is the opposite. She spends a lot of time guarding her privacy with her partner Hanna Prater, whom she has known since her high school years, and her two children at her headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Vettela's girlfriend, with her spiteful media avoided, has earned her a nickname from Mrs. Colomb.

Life on high leg

According to Forbes magazine, both drivers, although each other at a different construction stables, receive an identical seasonal salary of $ 38 million. Another source of funding for sportsmen and non-worlds is Formula One. And here's the difference. While the inconspicuous Vettel comes at "only" $ 500,000 a year, Hamilton, enjoying the media attention, at 8 million. This makes him the most successful motorist in the world. Thanks to lucrative contracts, world-renowned brands such as IWC, Monster Energy, L'Oreal, Puma and Bose are among the top ten best-paid athletes in the world.

Statistics speak clearly

Sebastian Vettel, who has a total of four (2010-2013), leads the number of championship titles. However, Hamilton is losing little, only one (2008, 2014, 2015) is missing. If we wanted to compare each win at the Grand Prix, then Lewis Hamilton would hold the first prize with 57 triumphs, Vettel had so far celebrated 46.

Drive style

The pace and lifestyle that they lead in their privacy corresponds to their style of riding in the Formula One monopo. Nobody is surprised that Hamilton is an aggressive athlete, and often dangerous driving, and is one of the fastest riders on the track. Vettel, on the other hand, is considered to be one of the most intelligent pilots, who have long analyzed the race and track and often consult with their mechanics about the solution. This is why the German is often compared to a legendary compatriot, Michael Schumacher, who approached the race equally analytically and responsibly.


I started a career with everyone looking different. Vettel had to wait three years for his chance in a competitive monopost. Hamilton, who had both junior and biker races, had a simpler and much faster McLaren Mercedes star rookie. In his first season, he finished second in the overall ranking, and in the following he had already won the championship title as the youngest driver. Vettel began as a test driver first Sauber, then Toro Rosso. Then he got a chance at the Red Bull Racing team, where he started his career.


After previous information, one can not surprise anyone that modest Vettel does not have a social networking account as one of the few Formula One riders. Hamilton is the opposite; on his networks, he often publishes photographs of his private life, an English bulldog and a celebrity. For many, Brit has a sophisticated and self-centered impression, which some of the former Formula 1 drivers do not appreciate very favorably.

Tramps with the police

The German rider, unlike his British rival, never had problems with the police. On the other hand, Hamilton received, for example, a month-long ban on driving in France after driving a 196 km / hour speed on the motorway.

Home soil

Lewis Hamilton is linked to Monaco, where he has a spacious apartment and where he has a permanent residence, like most drivers. One of the exceptions between Formula 1 pilots who do not live in Monaco is Sebastian Vettel, who owns and lives on a farm in Switzerland. He said on Monaco, "I'm not looking for cities like Monaco. It's nice, but not for me for more than a week. "

Source: tz Sport 1 (2), edited editorial

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