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Michal Malátný without a band

After a summer break, Chinaski frontman Michal Malátný will finally appear on the big stage, but this time he will perform without his band. Michal will be the exclusive guest at the First Vintage Orchestra's birthday party on October 2 at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague.

Michal did not leave his band, he is trying hard for their upcoming autumn tour. He could not resist the great surprise Petr Kroutil had prepared for him. He wrote a special cover version of his favorite song Every morning that Michal will present on these birthdays.

Under the baton of experienced musician Petr Kroutil , who will sing, play saxophone and clarinet, the Lucerna Music Bar will be transformed into the Republic of the First Republic. "I'm very happy with our rare guests and I'm really looking forward to a good swing-punk party! I'm also curious about our new songs, " adds Petr. An invitation to celebration in the style of Big Gatsby was also hosted by pop and musical singer Kate Matl , who will perform with this unique formation. The country singer František Nedvěd younger will appear on stage. Also on the stage will be director Jiří Vejdělka , who will moderate this ensemble.

Kateřina Mátlová, aka Kate Matl,
has performed in pop music mainly abroad. In Germany, she continued her collaboration with the world-known musician by her husband BoB, who was accompanying her as a lead singer. Kate never forgets Czech colleagues and she likes to attend their performances when she has time. With Kretell, Kate knows the past, and also Jiri Vejdelek, who directs and moderates the entire show, is her favorite. "I look forward to the amazing atmosphere, as always. I have not been singing for so long with such a professional and relaxed orchestra. So I guarantee all the unforgettable experiences of the whole evening, " Kate said with a smile.

The fact that it will be a truly spectacular event is also evidenced by the fact that different musical genres will come together on one stage. One of our best saxophonists Petr Kroutil, country singer František Nedvěd younger, pop singer Kate Matl, Czech singer Michal Malátný, but also a swing star from Los Angeles Chuck Wansley and others.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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