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Ventolin: Welcome

It is easy to be sad today and to close. Uncertainty is inside and out. Analogly well-tuned magnitude of the domestic disco science David Doubek alias Ventolin protests against his new album. The welcome board, which is just coming out, announced videosingl Disco Science

"It is strange that nowadays, such a banal and conventional addressing is almost provocative. As if we felt like welcoming them inappropriate. As if there was no place to welcome. Right from the left, everyone is horrified, society is terrified of interacting with social networks, the Internet we have believed has turned into a black spot of spying and fascist propaganda. And to make personal mistakes, shortcomings and doubts. Today people are starting to close more and more. I want to protest against it, so welcome, despite everything, " says Ventolin.

Welcome is a song album that comes out five years from the successful debut Totem and the year after the release of the instrumental album The Game YS ROTTTYN , which Ventolin prepared together with the Polish RSS Boys. Ventolin has made its electronic basics move to an anarchic and lively sound. The album contains a lot of electronically sounding songs, vibrant drum machines and acid lines, as well as almost bands, with guitars and live drums.

He used analogical instruments to create Ventolin, and the mix was analogue, but he worked much more with computer and digital technology at the same time. In addition to old analogs, virtual instruments, a lot of editing and effects are on the board. The recording took place at Ventolin's home (where it was mixed), but also in Midi People's studio. Mastering was in charge of Ondřej Ježek in the Jámor studio. "I talked a lot about the sound with Prokop Holoubek (Midi Lidi), who also played quite a bit on the board. In two songs we invited drummer Michal Janík from Ghost of You, who plays a bit of a typical disco and krautrock rhythm for himself, " adds Ventolin.

Baptism will be held on October 4 at the Prague MeetFactory club and on October 5 in the Brno Kabinet of the Muses. Guests of the Ventolin tour are Johus Matus, Midi Lidi, Francois Svalis, Tomino and Myslivec, Fiordmoss and Dné .

Ventolin is an electronic project by David Doubek , a founding member of the Kazety Group and a member of the Best Teddy Bears Theater. It was created in 2007 as a later "relaxing" project, but it soon became aware of the local club scene. Live game uses old samplers, analog synthesizers, and archaic drums. He is a lover of the primitive sound of Detroit techno and Italian and Indian disco from the 1980s. It is attracted by analogy messyness, noise, fluctuation, and imperfection. In 2009, EP Mujiky released the Totem album in 2012. In 2015 he returned with EP Playbour. He also created an excellent cover-screen for the song Bobrik Fear from the Danube Band or the order of Milena Dopitova, the artist of the children's opera Brundibár of the Czech-Jewish composer Hans Krása. Last year he released the joint album The Game YS ROTTYN with the Polish anonymous techno duo RSS B0YS. David Doubek lectures on cultural anthropology at Charles University.

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