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Choosing a bitter chocolate may be a problem for an allergy or vegan

Bitter chocolate has the reputation of a healthier mist because of the high content of antioxidants naturally found in cocoa. The consumer magazine dTest tested 19 bitter chocolate from the lowest price level to see what their quality is. Laboratory tests revealed the milk protein content of those products that did not mention it at all.

"We tested products for which a large number of respondents surveyed. To compare the same, we devoted ourselves to the segment of the cheapest bitter chocolate to 40 crowns and evaluated the cocoa content, the quality of the fat, the sensory properties and the correctness of the declaration on the packaging, " says Hana Hoffmann, Editor-in-Chief of the dTest magazine, adding, " Milk Protein Findings in all tested products in a considerable amount from 1.1 to more than 2 grams per kilogram - regardless of whether or not the milk fell on the package. "

In bitter chocolate, the consumer does not expect milk. The presence of milk does not only affect milk-allergen-sensitive allergens, but also people who choose to exclude animal products from their diet, ie vegans. The dTest magazine, therefore, took points to those chocolates that did not have the milk ingredient listed on the packaging (milk, butter, etc.), or just stated that "it may contain traces of milk" .

Unfortunately, there is no prescription that would officially set a minimum amount of allergen from which it would no longer be considered a trace but a regular ingredient of a food.
Undeclared milk includes, for example, Chocolate Tesco Value Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Brown Chocolate, Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate, Karina Zartbitter Schokolade, Orion Bitter, Coop / Dolcezza and Excellent Baron Delica Dore.

"The good news for chocolate lovers is that all tested samples have met the legislative requirements for a total amount of cocoa solids. The lowest percentage of cocoa solids was over 44% for Figaro chocolate, but most tested around 50%. The most lucky winner was the test winner, and the Excellent Baron Delica Dore chocolate with 74.7% of cocoa solids, " comments Hana Hoffmann.

The indispensable and expensive raw material that makes chocolate with chocolate is cocoa butter , which must be at least 18% in bitter chocolate. Even this condition has met all the chocolate well above expectations. The least cocoa butter was again in Figaro (26.5%), most of which included Alnatura (44.4%), dmBio (43.7%) and Excellent Baron (43%).

From a sugar perspective, there are quite distinct differences between bitter chocolate. The test included chocolate with a quarter share (dmBio, Alnatura) and more than half (Figaro). Most of the tested chocolates were evaluated well, both chemically and sensitively.

What are the basic recommendations for selecting bitter chocolate? When purchasing, pay attention to the information on the packaging . Some chocolate may contain peanut meal, more than one emulsifier or added vegetable fat. There is an unwritten rule that the more total cocoa solids (or cocoa solids or cocoa mass), the higher the price of the product. It is also generally the case that the less cocoa is, the more sugar it contains. A bigger share of cocoa butter causes chocolate to melt on the tongue.

For a list of test chocolates and how to choose them, visit the dTest website . Full test results were provided by the September issue of the dTest magazine.

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