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When considering chiptuning your car ...

Greater car performance and fuel economy. These are the main attractions of so-called chiptuning, a modification of the software in the car's control unit. Among the drivers there is a lot of half-trucks, many owners are afraid, for example, that their intervention will destroy the engine. So check out the most common questions that are associated with chiptuning.

Can I edit each vehicle?

Almost every vehicle can be edited, but of course there are exceptions. "Chiptuning uses the power tolerances left by the car manufacturer - whether for legislative or commercial reasons. These are in some cases rather narrow, others are wide. As a matter of fact, it is not a question of whether the car can be fitted, but rather the question of how much the car performance can be picked up, " says David Šimčík (Profichip).

Do not I destroy the engine?

Properly chiptuning does not affect the individual components of the engine. However, before chipping is important, it is important to verify the state of the engine. This can be deduced, for example, by measuring performance before adjusting and comparing with the power that the engine has to have under the technical license. From this it can be deduced whether and how much the car can be trapped without risk. It is also worthwhile to make a complete diagnosis of the car to make sure that other parts are fine too.

How much can I get to improve my car performance?

No impact on the engine, according to David Šimčík, can increase the performance of the car by up to thirty percent. Of course, it depends on the car model and its condition. "There is a risk that the limits of the engine will be exceeded in the case of unprofitable and lazy versions of chiptuning. With such adjustments, the gearbox, turbocharger or particulate filter often takes the inertia of intervention, " says the expert.

Will not the increase in performance have a negative effect on the car's consumption?

The opposite is true in this case. In addition to more power and torque to make the ride faster, chiptuning also has a positive effect on the consumption of a car in the case of supercharged engines. According to the software modification, fuel savings are up to fifteen percent.

Do I get a guarantee for the adjustment?

Even the chiptuning is one of the services where a guarantee is required for the client to pay off. "The offer of chiptuning by a company that does not provide any warranty on the software modification should be a warning to all car owners. Each car is specific and needs to be accessed individually. If an error occurs in a fix, the customer should be entitled to repair or replicate with the original software and refund, " commented David Šimčík.

How do I know a good business?

The answer to this question is actually a summary of all the previous ones. Anyone who thinks about chiptuning should look for a company that is proven by customers and has positive references. It is also important not to promise the promises of miracles while you wait - a professional will not scramble a car in five minutes or promise a giant increase in performance. A quality company is also aware of what additional services it does for chipping. Such a marker is to perform a diagnosis before the intervention and to measure the performance of the car on the brake after it.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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