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Wolves wake up emotion: it is necessary to talk about the life of these beasts

The return of the wolves who are gradually coming to our country mainly from the area of ​​the German Lusatia often raises emotions, especially among livestock breeders. The Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection Agency of the Czech Republic, Broumovsko Protected Landscape Authority, has recently held several meetings for hunters, livestock farmers, mayors and the public. Participants learned how the wolves are spreading, how they live, how to prevent damage to livestock, and how to get compensation for the damages that have already occurred [1].

"We act with the breeders, we explain how to secure the herds, to rent for immediate solution we also offer electric fences. Experience from Germany or Beskydy shows that the countryside can be farmed and wildlife can live here as well. However, it is necessary to count them and adapt it to the way of livestock farming. We realize that changing a man's relationship to a wolf is a long-distance run. We also know that without the help of local people, the wolf in our country has no chance of keeping it. We therefore welcome a fair discussion on this subject, " explains Hana Heinzelová from AOPK ČR, head of Broumovsko PLA Administration.

For our country we need both livestock to help keep it, so wolves. They are good hunters and can help control over-sized large ungulates, causing considerable damage to farmers and foresters.

The Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection Agency of the Czech Republic in acquiring knowledge about large beasts often cooperates with participants of the so-called Vlčích patrols. Those in the field are looking for traces of the presence of wolves and other animals.

The classic protection of livestock on the pasture is the permanent presence of a large shepherd dog or pond in the herd - it is especially worthwhile to breed more sheep or goats. Small breeders are recommended to place their livestock (sheep, goats or young cattle) mainly for the night, for example, in a solid object or in a higher, preferably double enclosure near the house if possible. It is also proven that the colored strips of the fabric, so-called trellis, are fastened to the pendulum [2].

1 / The wolf is one of the specially protected animals according to our and European legislation. It is impossible to hunt it and therefore to pay the farmers according to Act No. 115/2000 Coll. compensation for damages. The law also sets out the procedure to be followed. It is crucial to report the damage within 48 hours and send the application to the relevant regional authority within 10 days.

2 / Breeders in areas where wolves have been recorded may apply for a subsidy for preventive measures against attacks from the Operational Program Environment in the form of increased management costs - money can be earned for doubling of fixed enclosures or supplements with an electric fence including the source and accessories , a screen electric fence or a double el. fencing fence, and the acquisition of a pastoral breed dog, including the cost of veterinary care. In the currently announced call no. 59, the primary agricultural entrepreneurs can only receive support under the de minimis regime (up to a maximum of EUR 15,000 over 3 years). This restriction could be removed in the autumn of this year, when the Ministry of the Environment sends a request to the European Commission to approve a new public support scheme for preventive measures to prevent damage caused by specially protected animal species. For these measures, a separate call is then envisaged.

Source: ie the Broumovsko Protected Landscape Area

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