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Still more popular oral sex can cause problems

Still more popular oral sex can cause problems The popularity of oral sex has grown steadily in recent years. According to the 2015 survey, 91% of Czech women and 88% of Czech men practiced it. Many people consider it a safe sexual activity that can not get sick with sexually transmitted diseases. But according to experts ...

Oral sex lovers, according to the latest study, are at increased risk of infections and viruses that can cause cancer. In pregnancy, oral sex can lead to the death of a newborn.

Oral sex is one of the most common ways of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, according to the latest findings of experts from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Among the most common are chlamydial infections, gonorrhea, herpes and human papillomavirus (HPV). Oral sex is the risk of getting infected with HPV, twice as high as those who avoid it. HPV is responsible for almost all cases of genital warts, but also for cancer of the oral cavity and anal tumors. The latest research published in Chemical Research in Toxicology has shown that while HPV was detected in 21% of patients with oral or cervical cancer in 1990, it grew to 65% after 2000. HPV viruses can also cause relatively rare anal tumors and have been found in nearly half the men who also have rare penile cancer.

Oral sex during pregnancy can lead to the death of a newborn

Oral sex, according to the current study, is also dangerous for expectant mothers. The immune system of pregnant women is weakened, which increases the risk of infection by sexually transmitted infections. If a mother is born with a genital herpetic, according to experts, it is a 50% chance that the infection will break out in the newborn, especially if the baby is born naturally. Caesarean delivery can reduce the risk of infection. For newborn babies, all infections are very dangerous and can lead to death. "Given that pregnant women should have the best sex avoidance, there are other erotic aids that, on the contrary, appropriately extend the pregnancy to a limited range of sexual activities. Pregnant women are the most suitable aids for clitoral or breast surface stimulation, " explained Adam Durčák (

Condom protection by experts is not enough

Many people even now consider oral sex as safe sexual activity. There is no unintended pregnancy, undesirable ejaculation in the mouth is an easy protection of the use of a condom. "However, there are also sexually transmitted infections and infections that can not be stopped in this way. Condoms can only protect against those that are transmitted by body fluids, viruses and bacteria can easily penetrate through protection. There is a risk that a part of the infected skin will be seen from the condom. Even little contact with some infections is enough to transmit, " warns Adam Durcak and adds that the best prevention is loyalty to a partner whose health is well known.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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