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Can we inherit a heart attack?

Did your parent, sibling, or grandparents have a heart attack or a stroke? The possibility that your cardiovascular disease will affect you also increases. The risk is the bigger the younger your relatives were when the illness appeared.

Do not underestimate the warning

Among the most common cardiovascular diseases are, in addition to heart attacks and strokes, severe chest pain (angina pectoris) or heart failure.
These diseases are considered premature when they appear before the 55th year of age of a male and 65th birthday in a woman.
The very early onset of cardiovascular disease in your parents or siblings increases your risk most.
Do not forget to tell your doctors about such cases in your family.

We inherit talents, not disease

After your ancestors, you may have a tendency to higher cholesterol, early high blood pressure, or blood that is a little easier to coagulate. There are many choices and if any of these manifests, it significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Nevertheless, you do not know for sure that your heart attack or stroke will affect you. It is only a higher probability.

Break the bad habits

Cardiovascular diseases are associated with multiple effects. It is likely that in your relative, the inborn susceptibility to these diseases has come up with one or more mistakes in life. Maybe he smoked cigarettes, he was overweight, or he was eating fatty foods. Perhaps he did not go to the controls where his doctor would take blood, measure pressure, and write effective medication. It is precisely these seemingly minor offenses that need to be avoided. Pay attention to prevention and cope with those risk factors that you can influence. You will surely change your destiny for the better.

Author: Lucie Kovářová (Cavities and Heart)
Source: U lékař

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