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The tick must be out! Do you know how to do it?

If you or your children have brought you a tick-tick trip, you must remove it as soon as possible. Especially to reduce the risk of transmission of the infection. But do you know all the rules how to proceed with this parasite?

Careful handling

Before you go into the "duel" with the tick, thoroughly disinfect the place where it was bitten. Do not give ointment or oil to the parasite - the tick begins to suck and gets emptied into the wound.
After disinfecting the location of the tick tick gently begin to wobble. You can use a tweezer for this purpose.
If you do not have such a tool, use a cotton ball or fingers to make the parasite. Protect your hands with disposable medical gloves or paper handkerchief.
When removing, do not puncture the tick where it has accumulated ingested blood - it could easily get into the wound.
And why is it just wobbling? This movement gradually releases the pieces until the tick can be removed. Place the disinfection again at the place where it was sown.

Do not block or crush a parasite. The sucking blood or saliva of the tick could get you in your hands. The best way to get rid of it safely is flushing the toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions

I could not take out my whole tick and stay in the skin. How do i have to proceed?
"If you can not remove the parasite whole, you do not have to panic. Instead of digestion, I recommend to keep free, after the disinfection, the rest of the tick will be refused within a few days. Conversely, further manipulation with sharp objects (such as a needle) in the attempt to remove the tick completely can lead to wound irritation and infection, "says MUDr. Hana Černá.

Do you need to go after removing the tick to your doctor?

If there are temperatures, headaches and muscles or skin stains within a few weeks after taking the tick, you should definitely visit the doctor. The symptoms of tick-borne encephalitis include flu-like illnesses. In case of Lyme borreliosis infection, a red spot may appear on the skin - but be careful not to be just where the tick was swallowed.

How many years can I vaccinate my children against tick-borne encephalitis?

Pediatrician MUDr. Hana Černá confirms that the vaccines available in the Czech Republic are suitable for children from one year of age.

Source: Očkovací kalendář.cz

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