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Outpatient doctors bury their practices

More than 10,000 GPs for children and adults, dentists and other out-patient specialists will wear a black tape on October 10th.

On October 10, patients will see not only the mournfully labeled physicians , but they will read the party and poster in the waiting room to illustrate the reason for the protest . In addition, dozens of physicians are personally going to bury Czech outpatient medicine to Žleb in the Kutná Hora region, where a single general practitioner's surgery ends. There will be a coffin and a musical accompaniment.

The Protest is organized by a Coalition of Private Doctors, bringing together general practitioners for adults, children, outpatient dentists and other outpatient doctors. "Outpatient care from the last. The reason for this is the stagnant income of outpatient clinics and the growing bureaucracy. The mandatory introduction of eRecepts and EETs is the last reason for many aging doctors not to continue in their practice. But there is no one in the country to replace it. In the coming years, it will also affect those people - voters who do not feel the problems personally, " says organizers MUDr. Petr Šonka, Chairman of the Association of General Practitioners.
As stated by the President of the Association of Outpatient Specialists MUDr. Zorjan Jojko, own survey, showed that in the second half of 2016, 36% of retired specialists were in retirement . According to Statistics of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics, 800 outpatient doctors will be missing in 2020.

Outpatient care, according to organizers of the protest, is financially underestimated and unable to compete with the wages of ambulatory doctors and nurses in hospitals. "The salary of an ambulance doctor in a state establishment is 28% higher than that of his colleague in the private sector. Outpatient non-state nurse has a 33% lower wage than her colleague working for the state, " adds MUDr. Jojko. "We draw attention to the problems for years. The leadership of the ministry makes it harder to underestimate the issue of primary care. In the proposal for a reimbursement decree for 2018, the ministry is even preparing a reduction in payments to GPs. This will make the situation even worse and will affect mainly rural practices. In addition, this is in direct contrast to the increase in hospital payments, which is calculated in tens of percent, " says MUDr. Shank. The situation is so serious that GPs are considering closing ambulances.

One of those who ends up with the practice in Čeladná is MUDr. Petr Pachman. She has more than 1,500 people in her office. "After 45 years of practice, I have said that the mandatory introduction of eReceptu and then EET is too much for me to retire," says Dr. Pachman, who has offered to buy, no one has shown any interest in it yet, a doctor who ends in January 2018 Iva Jirmanova from Rakovnik, along with other colleagues, will have more than 1,700 children under the age of 18. "She thought that after 45 years of work I would retire with a good feeling, but the opposite is true. At present, our work is a mix of regulations, orders, bans, statements, reports for various institutions, the last drop is the coming eRecept and EET , no one compromises, none of the competent people want to hear our arguments , everyone promises everything , and they also behave in the same way occasionally, only exceptionally, they succeed in replacing the retired physicians, and, after abolition, the general practitioner for children and Adolescents explain our reasons, and they are not surprised to find a new doctor, but the capacity of their colleagues is not infinite. We are not alone with our colleagues, " says MUDr. Jirman, with the departure being considered by more practitioners in her district.

The practitioner takes on average about 1,700 patients on average. In cities, the practice is smaller, about 1,300-1,500 patients, more than 2,000 people in the country, and some Chebsko or Mostecko localities account for up to 4,000 patients per physician.

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