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The ideal age for getting pregnant? It ends sooner than you think

Five percent. Just such a chance for conception is naturally forty-four. Surely you're dealing with school, career, and relationships in the twenties, but you should ask the question of future maternity now. In twenty years, it will be too late.

Never in history women have had such control over their fertility as they are now. Contraceptives and methods of "artificial" insemination assist couples in establishing a family. However, fertility changes over time, and new technologies may not be all-powerful.

After thirty, fertility is declining

Age between 20 and 30 years is the most fertile period in a woman's life. At that time, the woman has the highest number of quality eggs and the highest chance for a smooth pregnancy and childbirth without complications. However, at present, a lot of women before the age of thirty are more likely to solve a career, while the reproductive plans go away. However, it is advisable at this time to think of potential descendants at least to reflect on what we expect from life in this direction. After thirty, the woman's fertility begins to gradually decrease.
The decline in female fertility will take a turn after the 35th year of life.
Even before the fortieth birthday, the chances of getting pregnant about 20% drop.
At this age, there is an increased risk of abortion and genetic defects.
Pregnancy and childbirth are more often accompanied by complications in older mothers.

Fifth Decade of Life - Chances are minimal

Maybe you also know the woman who was able to get pregnant after forty. But it's an exception. After the 40th birthday, the chances of getting pregnant are about 5%. Many women who did this had to go through several artificial fertilization cycles. Their baby could even have been born from a donated egg. And we are not talking about serious pregnancy complications, which are more common in this age than those in the thirties.

There is a rare agreement among physicians that the biologically best age for pregnancy is between the 20th and 35th years of a woman's life. If you buy a baby just after twenty or fifteen years later, it depends on your idea of ​​your career, the quality of the partnership and financial security. Keep in mind, however, that too much waiting can make conception and successful delivery of the child significantly more difficult or even impossible.

Author: MUDr. Barbora Boudová
Source: U lékař

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