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Do not be fooled. See if it's BIO

Being a BIO sticker is not just that. The official label deserves only products that have undergone strict legislative control. Sellers who place the tag without a license hold a real malaria. See how easy you can tell if you've jumped on some bacon.

When someone on the product's packaging says that you're holding a BIO product in your hand, it may not be so true. The Ministry of Agriculture warns consumers that, if the product originates in the Czech Republic, it should carry one of the codes of the organizations that control our products: CZ-BIO-001, CZ-BIO-002 or CZ-BIO-003. An integral part is a typical half-circle green "zebra" and since 2010 also a ticket in the light green field, these elements have the obligation to place on the product all the Member States of the European Union.

When you smash into the BIO section of a foreign goods store, it's a little more complicated. Each country has completely different rules for its marking. However, you can easily check the authenticity of the brand, for example, on this page.

When there is no packing at hand

Do you buy food that no one has ever bothered and branded? For example, if you are on a farm, ask the farmer for a certificate. This, after strict inspection, is issued by our inspection bodies and shows that the farm complies with the statutory conditions that the vendor must meet for the sale of food bearing the BIO label. The certificate should also include a list of specific products that a farm may sell under this label.

Checks are rigorous

In order to ensure that the customer is always sure that he is buying quality food, very strict inspections and random checks are under way. Both for manufacturers and for BIO merchants. A complete proliferation of the food cycle takes place at least once a year.

If products that do not deserve the BIO brand but accidentally use it, a penalty of up to 1 million crowns is expected. And this is already a good reason for the ministry why not try to get around the law.

Source: tz Ministry of Agriculture, Parliament
edited editorial

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