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Festival of the best of Ostrava theater scenes: Ostrava in Prague

Opera Hamlet Ambroise Thomas, Ladislav Fukse's Burning Dead, Edith Piaf and Marlene Ditrich, The Hearing of Adolf Eichmann, Josef Slánský's drastic fate, and the post-war expulsion of the Germans in the trio of Tomas Voytkas or the fairytale theater for lovers of dogs adaptation of Čapek's Daskalka. This is just a part of the major productions that Ostrava theaters will present during the 8th year of the Ostrava Festival in Prague between 4th and 8th November in Prague.

This spectacular show will offer this year's richest program in its history - a total of eight top performers, audiences and critics of the prized ones, and Ostrava's long-selling productions performed by all four Ostrava theaters. "This year we celebrate the 750th anniversary of the first written mention of Ostrava and we decided to present not only new games at the Ostrava Festival in Prague but also to offer a selection of the best and most successful productions of recent years," explains Jiří Nekvasil, Director of NDM. The National Theater of Moravia-Silesia, the Chamber Theater Arena, the Petr Bezruč Theater and the Puppets Theater Ostrava will again confirm in Prague the irreplaceable place of Ostrava on the theatrical map of the Czech Republic.

November 4th will be the busiest day of the festival From 11am to 2pm, the National Theater of Moravia-Silesia will perform at the D21 Theater with a musical performance for children Zob, Zob, Zoban. Opera for children and children originally bears the name Return us, bird, hastrmana or not quite a short opera for children and was created during the imprisonment of composer Edvard Schiffauer and librettist Ivan Binar at Borech.

At 14 o'clock, the fairytale theater for lovers of dogs will begin to change at the Theater in Celetná Dášeňka. Karel Tománek and Marek Zákostelecký have replaced the dog mama Iris right now with a trio of mothers in a special adaptation of Karel Čapek's famous book. That's ... they're just three gentlemen. Three buddies, passionate pinball players who are just about to go to the tournament, standing before the task of raising a cute and decent puppy from the found puppy.

The Estates Theater will be Hamlet, the Lyrique Opera of the five libraries of Michel Carré and Julius Barbier in 1868. He is directed by Radovan Lipus by the opera ensemble of the Moravian-Silesian National Theater, let us add that Thomas Weinhappel was awarded the Thalia Award for Hamlet in 2016 for extraordinary stage performance, and Jan Sibera won the same award for Ophelie's role.

A busy Ostrava theater Saturday in Prague will also bring the first of three evenings with the Aréna Chamber Theater in La Fabrice. The main character of Tomáš Vůjtka's Hearing is the former Nazi chief Adolf Eichmann, who is trying to defend himself and demands a hearing before God, but he still does not come. Adolf Eichmann was greatly represented by Marek Cisovsky, for whom the role was directly written. The production was directed by the artistic director of the Arena Ivan Krejčí (as well as other parts of this trilogy) and the Hearing was later announced by the 2015 Stage of the Theater News, in the framework of awarding the Theater Critics Prize 2015 became Best Featured Czech Game, Performance of the Year and Marek Cisovský for the Role Adolf Eichmann won the Male Actor Award.

The reconciliation that the Arena presents at La Fabrice on 5 November is the second piece of free historical trilogy and deals with the expulsion / expulsion of Germans after the Second World War. It returns to bloody rampage, which has resulted in three million Germans leaving their homes. The peripetities of these Czech-German relations are accompanied by the figures of the Officer, the Partyzano and the Soldier who actively participate in the expulsion and settlement. The ubiquitous Czech choir provides an authentic comment by word, verse and singing.

On November 6, La Fabrice concludes an historic trilogy on the Aréna Chamber Scene. The Game With Hope, without it, was created according to the book of Josef Slansky, the widow after the former Communist Party's secretary, Rudolf Slansky. The production is a reflection of the horrific history of Czech Communism and, consequently, of modern history in general, since it was brought to the nineties of the last century. The play was written for Alen Sasin-Polarczyk's lead role. The production won several prestigious prizes, and in the 2009 Alfred Radok Award the second place was awarded (Alena Sasínová-Polarczyk won the Czech Theater Award), the production also boasts the Mark Ravenhill Award and the author of the play, Tomáš Vůjtek , he received a special prize for the casting star, Alfréd Radok Award for this performance.

On November 7th, Celetná Theater will present the Theater of Petr Bezruč with the production of Fuks's Corpse Burner directed by Jakub Nvota. Fuks' dark grotesque story of the rising Nazism follows the destructive transformation of Mr Kopfringel, the little man who has finally begun to take seriously. He was famed for the great film by Juraj Herz with the genius Rudolf Hrušínský, but he also warns fifty years later. Because it is still true that gravity can easily break the neck if the backbone is not strong enough. Norbert Lichy was nominated for his extraordinary stage performance in the role of Roman Kopfkringl for the Theatrical Critics Prize in the Best Male Actor Award category in 2016, winning a broader nomination for Thalia Award 2016 for the same role.

Conclusion of this year's Ostrava in Prague will be on 8 November at the Hybernia Edith and Marlene Theater, Évy Pataki, played by Janusz Klimsza with the National Theater in Moravia-Silesia. Striking music drama about the lives of two great 20th-century figures. Tiny Edith Piaf conquered Paris, Divine Marlene Dietrich worshiped Hollywood, both of them gained the whole world. In fact, these two women met only a few moments. One was able to make a world of acting, and the other to sing with wonderful singing. From their encounters and life fates, a tale full of contrasts, women's emotions and gorgeous music arose. Hana Fialova won Thalia 2014 for her outstanding performance as Edith Piaf.

Regretfully, we announce that the performance will not take place on November 5, 2017 - Iannis Xenakis: Oresteia. Kristýna Konczyna, Ostrava Center of New Music: "Due to the decision of the National Gallery in Prague to extend the installation of the Magdalena Jetelová exhibition until 19/11/2017 at the Malá dvorana NG, we are forced to cancel the production of the opera production Oresteo Iannis Xenakis, there. "

Source: tz, edited editorially

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