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Do not underestimate the maintenance of the air conditioner, risking the health and durability of th

The heat is here, the air conditioning in our cars is running at full speed. But do you know that it requires regular special care? It is recommended to clean the air conditioning, including cabin filter change, every six months regularly, oil and coolant checks at least once a year. This extends the lifespan of the system, reduces the risk of disruption, relieves the unpleasant odor and protects the health of all passengers from harmful microorganisms or molds.

Since the air conditioning system in passenger cars can not be considered hermetically sealed, there are many possible reasons why the refrigerant escapes from the system spontaneously. In one year, up to 50 g of refrigerant can escape from the air conditioning system! Therefore, it is necessary to have your air conditioning checked professionally and carry out regular maintenance. The lack of refrigerant reduces the minimum efficiency of the cooling function.

Proper air conditioning also requires a sufficient amount of oil in the system and is important for moving air conditioning components such as a compressor. Therefore, during the regular maintenance, which is to be carried out at least once a year, the garage is partially replaced and supplemented by oil. If this prevention is neglected, there is a risk of damage to the compressor and its repair is very costly.

At 2-3 years, it is also necessary to change the filter with the dryer. No less important part of the maintenance work is also checking the tightness of the air conditioning system. In addition, by avoiding leakage from the vehicle to the atmosphere, we will contribute to protecting the environment.
The air conditioning system also includes an evaporator that is built inside the instrument panel. The evaporator is used for heat exchange, but moisture builds up, which is an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi. If the system is not regularly cleaned, these particles travel together with the air directly into the cabin and to the airways of you and your loved ones.

As part of system maintenance, the cabin filter changes, at least once a year, depending on the operation of your car. "But you can do the air-conditioning disinfection yourself, and we recommend it at least twice a year - before the start of the season (in the spring) and after the end of the autumn," says Michal Knor of Auto Kelly. Clean the set for disinfecting and cleaning the air conditioning via ventilation. The use of the set is very easy and fast.

Disinfection can also be carried out with a disinfecting device which produces a very fine mist from the chemical solution by the ultrasonic nebulizer. Another very effective solution is ozonmaker - a device that generates ozone (this type is also used in healthcare).

"If you often use air conditioning in the summer, it is good to use disinfection once every two months," adds Michal Knor. We also recommend replacing the cabin (pollen) filter and checking and cleaning the condenser with the cleaner directly for cleaning the condenser.

You can also help to operate the air conditioner properly and by turning it on at least once every fourteen days in any weather. It is also good not to let air conditioning run to the destination. If you turn it off before shutting down the engine, the evaporator can be dried to minimize bacterial build-up.

If you care about the air conditioning carefully and regularly, it will also serve you well and save you any cost of repair due to improper or even lacking care.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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