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Where to refuel on the way to the sea?

At least one quarter of Czech tourists go on holiday with their own car. Fuel prices have been steadily rising in recent months, but the Czech Republic still belongs to the first third of the cheapest countries in the EU. In the most popular destinations, such as Italy and Croatia, gas and diesel prices are much higher. For comparable prices, you can refuel in Austria or Hungary. Absolutely cheapest across the EU is Bulgaria on a long-term basis.

According to Invia travel agency statistics this year, 24% of tourists who bought a tour at the travel agency have chosen their own transport. Many other tourists, however, set off on their own vacation. "People most often choose Italy or Croatia, which, especially for families with children, has long been one of the most popular holiday destinations for their good availability and favorable prices," said Michal Tůma (Invia). Rising fuel prices, but perhaps the cost of their own car, will be higher than last year's.

The latest figures from the European Commission at the beginning of June show that a liter of gas in the Czech Republic averages CZK 33.17 and a fuel price of CZK 32.44 per liter. Average prices, for example, for domestic diesel grew year on year, just like in Germany, by 3 crowns. For comparison: in Slovakia, diesel was cheaper a year ago by CZK 4.57 per kilogram of the EU average by almost CZK 4 per liter. Fuel prices in recent months have responded to the rise in oil prices on world markets. Its price for the last year has risen by about 60% according to Viktor Zeisel, the economist of Komerční banka. "Oil prices pushed up especially the increased geopolitical tension due to the situation in the Middle East. However, fuel has also risen to a weakening crown that leaps over oil imports, " explains Viktor Zeisel (KB), saying that both of these reasons for price increases will gradually disappear and fuel will be slightly lower this year. From current levels, the price of gasoline should reach 30 crowns per liter at the end of the year.

In spite of the sharp rise in recent months, Czechia still holds fuel prices to the first third of the cheapest EU countries. The absolutely cheapest is traditionally Bulgaria, where liter of diesel is on average almost like a liter of gasoline. In comparison with the Czech Republic, diesel is cheaper by more than 3 crowns and 50 cents and a liter of gasoline of almost CZK 4.30. Another is the situation in the motorist of more popular tourist destinations. "In Croatia, for a liter of diesel you will pay Czech crowns almost 3 crowns and a liter of Natural 95, even CZK 3.60. Very expensive is Italy where, for a liter of petrol, Czech motorists will pay extra 9 crowns and 7 crowns per liter of diesel, " says Damir Duraković (Axigon). Prices of gasoline and diesel comparable to the Czech Republic can be found in Austria and Hungary. Slightly more expensive is Slovenia. "So if you're heading to the most popular destinations, it pays to refuel on the road, not to the destination country. However, prices at petrol stations on major traffic arteries or just before the state border are above average, " adds Damir Durakovic. An example may be the current prices on D1, where a liter of gasoline or diesel often costs up to 35.90 crowns.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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