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This year's graduates will find the abbreviation EQF for the first time. What's going on?

Graduate diplomas, certificates and diplomas from conservatories and higher professional schools have the first level of the European Qualifications Framework this year. The abbreviation EQF and digits 1 through 8 point to the level of graduate education. Some schools have already purchased new forms and used them last year. For most teachers, pupils and parents, this is new.

Since this year's school year, an EQF form is mandatory. "This is useful at the top right of the certificate. Its purpose is to bring the level of education to a graduate, " explains Helena Úlovcová, Deputy Director of the National Institute for Education. "It can make it easier for staff and employers to find candidates for specific positions," adds Helena Úlovcová.

Graduates of primary schools and two-year courses have EQF level 2 printed on the forms. Students and their parents will find EQF 3 on the apprentices lists of three-year courses. The matricants have an EQF 4 and a higher education and conservatory diploma announces EQF level 6.

Data are also understood by employers abroad

The EQF level can also be used when looking for a job, a brigade or a further study abroad. "After graduation I was looking for a job in Germany. I approached one Bavarian firm and presented them with a certificate. At first they did not understand the translation of the certificate or the type of school I studied. Later, I added the EQF and Europass data - Certificate Supplement. The employer then knew what my skills and abilities are. " This is the experience of Karel, a graduate of a secondary vocational school, who turned to the EQF client center that works at the National Institute for Education.

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a common European reference framework that helps to understand, compare and recognize qualifications gained in the European Union. It has eight levels to which all qualifications can be classified. EQF levels are described by knowledge, skills and competencies.

Which EQF abbreviations are listed on the EQF

Certificate of primary education in primary school and certificate of completion of the basic education course (EQF 2)
Final examination certificate and apprenticeship certificates of two-year secondary education graduates
and secondary education with an apprenticeship certificate (EQF 2)
Certificate of Final Examination and Certificate of Education of Graduates of 3 Years of Secondary Education with Certificate of Study (EQF 3)
Graduation Exam Certificate (EQF 4)
Graduation certificate at Conservatory and Graduation Diploma in Conservatory (EQF 6)
Graduation Certificate and Graduation Diploma in Higher Vocational School (EQF 6)

Source: tz NÚV, editoriálně upravené

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