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As time went by the pharmacy

An interesting exhibition mapping the history of the pharmacy can be seen in the premises of the Museum of Physics for Vysoké nad Jizerou and its surroundings. Visitors offer an impressive cross-section of the history of the pharmacy from the days of the old apathy to the modern day.

The interactive exposition introduces both small and large visitors with the history of pharmacies at the Black Bear, the Czech Crown or already canceled pharmacy in Železnice.

It is an interesting story of the Husak family of pharmacists, who were imprisoned in the 1950s with communist excitement and a valuable collection of Káblíkových pharmacists' pictures.

It describes the education of pharmacists and brings about complex legal regulations in pharmacies or developments from historical recipes to e-prescriptions. The visitor may become a pharmacist for a while, try to make his own ointment, discover the secrets of herbs, or learn about the packaging history of medicines.

The exhibition is open all year round and will continue until May 2019. During the year there will also be commenced tours on various topics ranging from e-prescriptions to pharmacy preparation, ordering,

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