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Safe Friday

ŠKODA feels responsible for the safety of Czech drivers and other road users. On its home market in the Czech Republic, it comes with a comprehensive concept of educational activities aimed at making Czech roads safer and from dangerous stops making Friday safe. The concrete steps and a clearly identifiable brand will have a long-term effect on the reduction of accidents on Czech roads.

The issue of active and passive safety of ŠKODA cars, as well as traffic education and prevention, is one of the key themes the carmaker has been doing for years. Following a number of sub-projects, it now comes with a comprehensive concept that aims to bring the widest public into action, contributing to popularizing this issue and making Czech roads safer. He has the best conditions to do so. Over the past ten years, experts from the traffic safety research team have analyzed more than 1,000 real-life traffic accidents, and its experts actively participate in training and prevention of IZS and school students, teachers and the general public. In addition, in the last five years, the Mladá Boleslav car company has supported a number of preventive projects to support traffic safety not only in the production plant sites, with the amount of CZK 31 million. All the currently available model series received top five safety assessments from independent Euro NCAP at the time of launch. By the end of the year, ŠKODA AUTO will organize a series of educational and training events to demonstrate its competence in the field of traffic safety and concrete steps to help reduce accidents on Czech roads.

Infographics: ŠKODA AUTO launched the Safe Friday campaign

A key area for the development of new ŠKODA cars is active and passive safety. For ten years now, the automaker has been sending a team from the Transportation Safety Research Department to traffic accidents. ŠKODA AUTO is now joining the Safety Safe campaign and the public. The reason is the increasing number of injuries and deaths, especially on Friday, and the fact that 99.8% of deaths in traffic accidents can be made by humans.

On Friday, most motorists are thinking about weekend excursions with family or celebrating friends. Because of the so-called "weekend head", the most people on Czech roads (01-04 / 2018: number of people killed + 11.5% compared to the same period of last year) are probably dying on this day according to statistics of the Police of the Czech Republic. ŠKODA AUTO has decided to respond to this unfavorable trend and sets up a safe Friday movement to make Czech roads safer. She feels responsible for the safety of Czech drivers, because most of them are in the Czech Republic driving in ŠKODA cars. That's why they are constantly striving to improve both active and passive safety features in their cars. Even a car that complies with the highest safety standards, however, can not protect the driver in all cases and in all circumstances. The Safe Friday Movement challenges not only ŠKODA drivers but also all others to join and help to change dangerous friday to safe.

Campaign "Safe Friday" wants ŠKODA AUTO in the Czech Republic to address families with children, pupils and their pedagogues in schools, young drivers as well as the elderly. By the end of the year he will organize a series of educational and training events, seminars, workshops and competitions through which he will demonstrate his competence in the field of traffic safety, the technical maturity of his vehicles, but above all the concrete steps to help reduce accidents on Czech roads. She is currently preparing to launch a multimedia application for pedagogical pedagogy.

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