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Resellers of energy are being issued even as inspectors

With a new trick, energy retailers are coming - as inspectors. In the past days, the Czech Trade Inspectorate has visited "inspectors" with the aim of "checking consumers' energy bill" in Litoměřice and around, as well as in Most. However, it is not just about this region.

"We do not know the limitations and the" resourcefulness "of the so-called" energy bubbles. "A few days ago, we, together with the CTI and the Energy Regulatory Office, spoke out against the illegal practices of some energy retailers and informed consumers about how to effectively defend agents. it will not let the unknown person into the apartment, we will definitely not vote in our campaign against unfair commercial practices, but we are preparing a change in legislation that will strengthen the powers of consumers, " said Tomáš Hüner , Minister of Industry and Trade.

"Hello, we are inspecting, show me your electricity bill," consumers are visiting this week in Litoměřice. This is usually a pair of men with a tag "inspector" on the neck who are asking for a gas and electricity bill. This is not a Inspector of the Czech Trade Inspection, but consumers say that these performances actually talk about the "Czech Trade Inspection". No CTI inspectors check energy bills for home consumers do not go. The only objective of these people is merely to create the impression that it is a trustworthy person to show the consumer all energy invoices and then be offered a change of energy supplier.

If someone is unjustifiably publishing as CTI inspector, it is possible to call line 158 and the Czech Trade Inspection.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade together with the Czech Trade Inspection Authority and the Energy Regulatory Office repeatedly warns against these bidders' offers of energy retailers or telephone offers. Some contracts are even concluded directly with consumers at home, the contract is empowered to act in the name of the consumer and choose a "better" energy supplier; however, the aim of these contracts is mainly to claim high contractual penalties if the consumer decides not to change the energy supplier.

These mediation contracts may display signs of unfair commercial practices, which may be assessed by the relevant Inspectorate of the Czech Trade Inspection on your submission. In the event of a dispute with an entrepreneur who promised to "select a new supplier" and then, if you think about it, you are seeking a sanction, it is possible to use the out-of-court dispute resolution service of the Czech Trade Inspection. In case of a dispute with an energy supplier, it is possible to contact the Energy Regulatory Office.

CTI and ERO Council

The best way to really save you is to reject these licit offers of "auctions" and "free gifts" . We recommend using the official online energy price comparator, for example on the website of the Energy Regulatory Office, and then addressing a specific energy supplier directly on your own path.

If a sale is forbidden in your city or village, it is possible to turn to the city police, ie line 156, in the case where a similar "energy burglar" rings at the door. Watching compliance with city or municipality regulations is fully under the competence of a particular city police. Where municipal police are not available call the Police - ie 158.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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