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Graceland - Elvis Presley lived and died here

In September 1948, Elvis Presley moved with his parents, Gladys and Vernon, from his hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi, to Memphis, Tennessee. Nine years later, on March 19, 1957, he bought $ 102,500 for a large, non-colonial Graceland house spread over five and a half hectares of land in the Whitehaven suburb of Memphis.

In Graceland, in December of that year, in spite of the great protest of teenagers, he received a call to the army, Priscilla spent his first American Christmas with him, and in January 1963 he moved with the permission of his parents to graduate from high school in Memphis. Since 1966, Priscilla has lived in Graceland for a long time, and Elvis's beloved grandmother Minnie Mae, whom Elvis called Klička, oversaw it.

In Graceland, at the end of 1967, Priscilla and Elvis had their second wedding reception for 125 friends and relatives who could not attend their wedding in Las Vegas. Before Graceland, they arrested in November 1976 the drunken and drugged American singer and pianist Jerry Lee Lewis when he asked for a visit to Elvis with the Derringer 38 pistol. But he refused to accept him, apparently afraid of meeting with the shadow of his own past, and so Lewis began to shoot Graceland. On August 16, 1977 , Elvis found him 20 years younger girlfriend Ginger Alden lying on the pavement of the bathroom, and when Elvis did not respond to resuscitation attempts from the mouth of his co-worker and friend Joe Esposito, he was immediately taken to the hospital. But at the afternoon of the afternoon of the same day, doctors reported his death to heart failure. A day later, 25,000 fans from both the US and overseas passed Elvis's coffin. At Graceland, a funeral ceremony took place with the participation of 150 people, while a thirty-five-foot crowd of admirers gathered at its gates.
In October 1977, the bodies of Elvis (450 kg of heavy copper coffin) and his mother, accompanied by nineteen Cadillacs and police escorts from the Forest Hill Cemetery, transferred to the Graceland Gardens through meditation, because an attempt was made to steal their bodily remains. Two years later, Elvis's father, Vernon, was buried beside them. In 1982, Priscilla Presley deserves that Elvis's former Graceland residence was open to the public and is now 600,000 visitors a year after the White House in Washington and Biltmore Estate, California, the third most visited private home in the US.

In Graceland, whose address is Elvis Presley Boulevard 3 764, you will get an entrance gate in the shape of an open score sheet with green notes and Elvis guitar silhouette. Graceland with a front white column was built in 1939 from brownish limestone and besides twenty-three rooms there are eight bedrooms and bathrooms. It is registered in the National Register of Historic Places and has been included among US National Historic Sites.

In Graceland, the already mentioned Joe Esposito commanded Elvis's bodyguard. It was called the Memphis Mafia, and it was made up of ten young friends or cousins ​​who, for $ 800 a month, played with the King of Rangoon, practiced karate, danced in the pool (swimming Elvis never taught), hiked on horses, motors, golf carts motorized or roller-skating, attending amusement parks, shopping, playing billiards, taking care of the wardrobe, handling the mail, watching movies in the home theater and loved fireworks, or watching TV. And they also arranged for people whose fate Elvis had been given money or a new car. All of them were excellent shooters. From those who worked for him in Graceland, Elvis demanded perfection. Drivers must not exceed permitted speed. He had a system of three punishments: he reminded, he reminded, he was dismissed. And it was a tough job! Seven days a week twenty-four hours a day. And without any contract. Everything complicated Elvis's upside-down, reversed and completely unnatural day mode. When he stopped filming, he slept regularly at lunch with carefully curtained dark curtains. However, dark light always shone in the bedroom, as children often want to. When he finally got up, he devoted himself almost until dawn the next day to his hobbies. And that it did not go without sleeping pills and without stimulating pills, when it took 2-3 hours to fully awake, it is quite clear.

Many of the visitors who visit Graceland are surprised how small this house is. From the frontal point of view, it looks like a diminished model of mansion, and if four white columns and sculptures of lions were removed from both sides of the stairs leading to the main entrance, it would resemble a normal large house with shutters in which the upper middle class lived. But when you step in, you'll see at first glance that this is Elvis's. The colors he chose clearly reflect his personality. Intensive blue, shining red, black and black and plenty of cream and gold still contrast with white walls. The furniture was the latest designs because the rarity, age and the highest value of work in antiquities Elvis did not say at all.

In Graceland, Elvis was next to a bedroom, where he could never be overcome, and there was mostly coldness, a study with a sofa, a large barber's chair, a mirror, a stereo, and a large disco, mainly with black spirituals. Today, in hangars located across the street from Graceland itself, visitors can see his collection of cars, motorcycles, tractors, motorized golf carts, or two Elvis aircraft, as well as a huge collection of its Gold and Platinum Plates. One is for 146 million sold boards. And his birth and death letter, his calling order, Presley's family bible, and other items that are inherently connected with the life and work of the King of Rockenrol. And his legendary flamboyant costumes with fake gems, fringes and studs and wide heavy belts, stylized imitations of garments worn by karate wrestlers. Some weighed fifteen pounds! You can see what Elvis literature has named, White Eagle, Blue Rainbow, Mad Tiger, Sundial or Horror.

In a few of them you will see Elvise if you come to the O2 Arena on the 8th of June this year for the Elvis In Concert concert - The Wonder Of You . You will see Elvis on a large-screen LCD screen from which he will sing his greatest hits on original shots and his gorgeous voice will be accompanied by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. "When Elvis died," says Priscilla Presley on a touring tour, "everybody's dead. From us who knew him, he loved, admired his talent, listened to his singing, watched his films and his entire career. His greatest passion was to entertain his friends and fans, his greatest love was the audience. Thanks to his songs, Elvis Presley lives on! "

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Elvisova pracovna - Hana Lysáková
Elvis's Grave in the Graceland Garden of Meditation - Alena Beran
Garden of Meditation in Graceland - Hana Lysáková

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