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The unfortunate account of traffic accident statistics

During the first four months of this year, the Czech Police investigated a total of 31,621 traffic accidents, in which 132 people died (including 39 in January, 22 in February, 31 in March and 40 in April). Another 569 were injured heavily and 6,678 lightly. All these indicators recorded a year-on-year increase. The investigated accidents were 378 more. Unfortunately, the number of their victims increased by 11. The number of injured, those of 14 and slightly 453 grew too.

By the end of April, a total of 64 passenger cars had been killed on Czech roads (of which 50 were drivers and 13 co-drivers) and 41 pedestrians. "The lives of 7 pedestrians lost 7 people, which is 6 more than last year," remarks Roman Budský from the Road Safety Team. Another 13 victims were motorcyclists, 10 cyclists, 2 people traveling on a bus and a lorry. There were 12 more dead pedestrians, 3 more people in passenger cars, 2 more bikers and 1 buster driver. On the contrary, the number of deaths in trucks was significantly reduced (by 7). "The number of dead motorcyclists was the same as last year, but during April alone, they lost their lives. 11. Compared to last April, there are more than seven victims. This simultaneously means that every 4th was killed
motorcyclist, "
adds Roman Budsky. In April, another 14 passengers in passenger cars, 10 pedestrians, 4 cyclists and 1 person in a lorry died.

Motor vehicle drivers have killed 120 people, another 5 are responsible for non-motorized drivers and 7 pedestrian mistakes. A more detailed look at the accident statistics showed that 96 people were killed by the fault of the car drivers, another 10 mistakes of truck drivers and 2 the fault of the bus driver.

The blame of cyclists killed 5 people, just like last year. Motorcyclists were responsible for eight human lives, two more than in 2017. Three more fatalities were caused by drivers who had fled the accident. These accidents were 48 less year-on-year, but last year no one lost their lives.

Alcohol was assisted by 1,291 traffic accidents. This is 206 cases more than last year. "It is a very disturbing finding that there has been an increase in the number of accidents in the blood of 1.5 per mille and more. In the case of alcoholic accidents, 10 people died, one more than last year. In 9 cases, the level of alcohol was higher than 1 per mille, "says Roman Budsky. Drug-related alcohol was found in the next 15 and the drug then in 75 accidents. Fortunately, however, you have gone without sacrificing lives.

The number of deaths increased year-on-year in six counties

In eight counties, the number of casualties has increased, with five declining, in Karlovy Vary statistics have shown the same number of deaths as last year. The most dead were in the Central Bohemian Region (25 in total), here also the largest increase, by 10 cases. Another 14 people died in the Moravian-Silesian Region (by 3 more year-over-year), after 11 cases recorded statistics in the South Bohemian, Pilsen and South Moravian regions. On the contrary, the least people are
the first three months lost to Karlovy Vary (3), Liberec (4), and then to Hradec Králové and Zlín (same after 6). The largest year-on-year decrease in the number of deaths can be found in the South Moravian Region (a decrease of 7).

Source: tz TSB

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