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Text editor Pavel Cmíral and his book Talking about mom and dad

The writer and screenwriter Pavel Cmíral has been active in his profession for 47 years. Besides Eva Pilarová, Helena Vondráčková, Karel Gotta and Hanka Křížková, he has enriched his texts, such as repertoire of Hana Hegerová (Beautiful you made it up), Petra Kotvalda (I love more and more), Petra Nováka, Monika Absolonová Suddenly from the animated Ice Kingdom). Cimra's Czech Text The Hymn of Love to One of the Famous Chansons Edith Piaf was written by Štefan Margita on his current chanson album Love Map and is a tenorist confession of his wife Hana Zagorová.

A year ago, a unique comedy Večerníček STAYING ABOUT MOMINCE AND TATÍNKA was premiered on Czech TV by screenwriter and lyricist Pavel Cmíral and by the artist and director Kristina Dufková. Thanks to the ČT Edition, a comic book has now been published, in which the author's storytelling is complemented by almost three hundred well-chosen photographs of all seven pieces.

And what is the uniqueness of this puppet series? This is what Paul Cmíral tells us:
"Our Nightmare is about what we really are all of ourselves experienced. That is, the first nine months of our life between conception and birth. And for Večerníček to be "authentic", who else can tell him than a boy who is experiencing the very moon day by day on his own ears? That's what we hear in Mom's belly, experts say. So our hero Tonda is really a rightful member of the family from the honeymoon of Lucie and Joseph, with the only difference that no one, of course, will hear. Sometimes, however, to all the mistakes of future relatives!
And so he is only witnessing the suddenly crazy life of the two first families, arguing that "it" under Lucce's pussy is a girl or a boy! Mommy, daddy, two grandmothers, two grandfathers (one already died, but whenever it is needed, he will return to the jump!) And also the four neighbors from the forest have a full-headed family member and because they love him now, in an attempt to make him beforehand, they do the acts ridiculously unwise, but not tragic! The point of coming to the world is obvious, the impatient Tonda knocks in his mother's womb, his mother unlocks and ... But read it yourself! And why do we tell Kristina Dufková about this story? In order for his mother to read his children, and to read even those who can not wait for their own children. And then they promised in the bedroom that when they came to the world with a taste, and of course their boys and girls, they would not have to worry their first day that their lives at home would probably be one big uncertainty. And when I reminded the neighbors of the forest, they are here. The Bunny Rabbit, the Dunt Datel, the Sova Owl and the four squirrels of Squirrel. They know when to "purposefully" and strike into the game and are so with the spider for happiness for our newlyweds experienced colleagues! We wish you enjoyed our Talk, and we are still pleased. When your children talk to you, listen to them, and when they are looking for your eyes, do not let them wander! Just tear your ear and eyes off your beloved mobile! Our book is actually! So - love! "

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Photo portrait: Robert Vano

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