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Spermiogram gets worse, men lose interest in sex

Sex for the purpose of child prostitution ceases to be attractive for a number of men. They are scattered by a number of other attractions, a career, and a pursuit of experiences that do not cost them too much and do not risk rejecting them. The company degrades, and so in 50 years it may happen that in Europe another child than a test tube will not be born.

Several days before the National Infertility Day, which falls on June 6 , the reproductive specialists from Reprofit clinics and urologist MUDr. Viktor Vik, Ph.D. According to him, reproductive youth ended in the forties. "Unfortunately, this is the age when men - if at all - begin to think about the offspring. Around the age of 40, man is far less interesting from the reproduction point of view. As with women, it is the ideal time when children should be born between 18 and 30 years of age, but given the fact that in most regions of the Czech Republic the average age of the firstborn was 30 years of age, this recommendation is more desirable in our conditions " says MUDr. Vik.

Higher age simply does not benefit male sperm. "In the last 25 years, the number of male sperm has dropped by 60% and every year the spermogram deteriorates by another 1.6%," adds MUDr. Štěpán Machač, Ph.D. from the Reprofit clinic in Ostrava. Previously, a spermiogram with a sperm count of 40 million per milliliter was considered normal, now it is 15 million / ml. Sperm according to reproductive doctor of Ostrava Reprofit MUDr. Stepan Machač generally hurts little movement, poor eating habits, sedentary work, heated seats in the car, wearing a mobile phone in our pocket.

In addition to decreasing numbers and quality of sperm, the physician is also worried by the lower appetite to found families. If in Europe in the second half of the last century everyone was devoted to sex and their only concern was that this activity did not lead to unwanted pregnancies, at the moment of the new millennium everyone wants to be pregnant, but no one has sex. "For today's men, it is very difficult to risk failure in courting, to develop a communication effort that leads to sex in order to procreate the offspring. The current society offers a whole host of very attractive and accessible attractions, and sex has become fun for the poor. There are different abbreviations that can satisfy quickly, sometimes better, and without risk, such as pornography, autoerotics, computer sex - cybersex, sex over social networks. Recent surveys show that over 45% of Japanese people aged 16 to 24 have no real sex experience. A far worse finding in this research is the fact that 80-90% of men in that group want to continue in their vignetting. Sex is generally not too interested, and in Europe it will not be different in time, " Vik says. "In the final it will not matter if they have or do not have a good spermiogram if the act itself does not even happen."

Delaying the family to an older age according to the andrologist, gynecologist and sexologist MUDr. Pavel Turcan in the conscience and the so-called mamahotels, when his mother cares for his elderly age and, to a certain extent, assumes the role of his partner. "In such cases, a non-binding sex man finds one, but he is not forced to move and set up his own nest. At a later age, it is less likely to get used to being restricted, just because of a small child. It is better for men to care for the pet, they generally understand the responsibility, " explains MUDr. Turčan. "While it was a bit weird in the last century, who did not have a family at the age of 25, it's exactly the opposite."

In the Czech Republic, fertility problems account for up to a quarter of all couples, approximately 4% of children are born due to assisted reproduction. In the Czech Republic, the pairs will undergo approximately 24 000 cycles per year.

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