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Prague's Manes Bridge will turn into a music scene

The Prague Mánes Bridge and its surroundings will come to life on 2 June through music, theater, literature, as well as sports or events for children. The all-day free Czech-German neighbors featuring the Most 20.0 will feature, for example, Mydy Rabycad, Thom Artway, Ondřej Ruml, German star Kraftklub or Teatr Novogo Fronta.

The event is a celebration of the spheres of the Czech-German Future Fund , which for twenty years has promoted mutual understanding between the two nations through joint activities in various fields, especially in culture, education and science.

"Although the bridges in Prague have become more and more a mere apple of contention lately, it is their purpose to connect people and we are glad to celebrate our jubilee on such a symbolic and beautiful place. We cordially invite everyone to celebrate the good relations of Czechs and Germans. There will be nothing of what our peoples associate: culture, history and creativity, good beer and food, and even football or glass tradition, "the
directors of the Czech-German Future Fund Tomáš Jelínek and Peter Ernstberger invite.

The main word at the Most 20.0 festival, which takes place in a unique location in the historical center of Prague, will be music. There is a selection of the best that the current music scene offers in Germany and Germany. The German electronic post- rookie Adulescens , punk Itchy or German popular songwriter Xavier Darcy will perform. Of course, Czech bands will also join them: Mydas Rabycad, charismatic Never Sol, the increasingly popular rock songwriter Thom Artway or Ondřej Ruml .
In the evening, he closes the explosive and energetic show of one of Kraftklub 's best and most popular German bands. By its skillful combination of indie-pop and rap, or perhaps better, the typical German sprachgesang, a semi-spoken and semi-spoken speech, referring to the traditions of the German cabaret, created a phenomenon that has not been unchanged in Germany over the last few years. Visitors can join Open Mike with a number of musicians themselves.

The theater program will please both small and large visitors. Offers a variety of fairy tales from the Damascus studio or Edy Theater . The Teatr Novogo Fronta, as well as the original Berlin-specific site Grotest Maru, will be on display . Children will certainly not be bored, besides fairy tales they can also visit a variety of creative workshops to find out how a glass furnace works (in the Czech language). From the Manes Bridge, there will also be a sports center with a unique view of the Prague Castle for one day, where training and friendly football matches will be held under the supervision of the Czech-German football school throughout the day, which is closest to both countries.

Literature is another important link between the two peoples. Bridge 20.0 will offer a post-Bellum comic book or a scenic reading of the novel by Jaroslav Rudiš Národní třída by the Bremen Theater and Alexander Swobbit in the Literary Cafe. Directly on Mánesův bridge there will also be a discussion tram in which interested parties can participate in the debate on current Czech-German relations in the presence of politicians, architects, journalists and representatives of the Czech-German Future Fund.

The charging program will add to the taste of Czech and German cuisine

Source: tz, edited editorially

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