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The largest collection of woody peony flowers in full bloom. In the Trojan Botanical Garden.

Peonies have taken the role of flower queens from time immemorial. Botanická zahrada hl. The city of Prague boasts one of the best collections of these plants in Europe and the collection of woody ones is the largest one that can be seen in the Czech Republic.

Lovers of rich fragrant flowers should definitely not have their trip to the Troja Botanical Garden, because of the unusually warm weather, wood peonies are full of flowers these days.

Outdoor expositions are open daily from 9am to 8pm.

Peonies are a symbol of wealth and abundance and play a significant role in Asian art. Even with us it belongs to the ornaments of gardens and their popularity is growing year after year. "The collection of pines is one of our priority collections and is one of the top ten in Europe. Approximately 500 species and cultivars can be visited by visitors to Pivoňková, " says Bohumil Černý, responsible for the management of the Botanic Garden in Prague. m. Prague.

Thanks to the warm weather blooming the collection this year earlier

Peonies are perennial herbs or deciduous shrubs from the peony family. Approximately 60 species of pine nuts have been described so far, which are divided into herbaceous and woody plants in gardening. "Plum tree peonies and herb peonies are widespread on all continents in the northern hemisphere, with most species coming from the Mediterranean, the Caucasus and China," explains Iveta Bulánková, curator of the collection of pivots in the Botanical Garden of Prague. m. Prague. "The collection of pine nuts usually blooms until mid-May. But this year due to the unusually warm, dry and windy weather in April, the bushes are already in full bloom, "the curator adds.

Do you want to see the secrets of growing these plants?

For those interested who would like to learn more about peony, the Botanical Garden of Prague m. Prague commented guidance with an expert. It takes place on Saturday 12 May at 2 pm and 4 pm. The meeting is at the cash desk in K Pazderky Street. During the course, curator Iveta Bulánková will introduce the entire range of plants grown here, revealing some of their history and the development of breeding. They will learn many interesting crops, diseases or pests, and they will be introduced to the process of successful cultivation of these attractive trees.

Even in May in the greenhouse for butterflies

A popular exhibition of tropical butterflies in the Fata Morgana Greenhouse continues. There are less than sixty types of day and night butterflies on it. Among the interesting species is the Caligo memnon, which lives from Mexico to the Amazon and is also known as the "owl butterfly". His name is due to striking spots on the bottom of the rear wings. Stains serve to intimidate enemies, their sudden discovery when the wing of the wing closes, discourages a predator who otherwise would like to taste the delicious bite. They are lovers of lightly fermented fruit and people are not recommended to move with a glass of alcohol in their vicinity. Immediately they throw themselves on the drink.

In front of Fata Morgana's glasshouse visitors can see an exhibition of photographs by Ondřej Prosický. There is also an educational booth of a botanical garden with activities for both small and large.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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