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A wolf appeared in the Milovice Reserve for the teeth and wild horses

After big oysters, large beasts also appeared in Milovice's former military area. Wolves' shots have been found by scientists in the evaluation of photopasting records found on the pasture of the teeth and wild horses near Venice over Jizerou. According to experts, this could be a partner of a male wolf slaughtered at the beginning of this month, only a few kilometers away from the D10 motorway at Brodec in Mladoboleslavsk. It informs Czech Lands in a press release.

The wolf catches were captured both on arrival at the grazing reservation and about one hundred hours later within the reservation. Never before, before the wolf did not appear on the record. "It can not be ruled out that he has just passed and that he is no longer in the area of ​​former military space. Within two weeks of recording, he could easily offend dozens or even hundreds of kilometers, " said Miloslav Jirka of the Biological Center of the Academy of Sciences in České Budějovice. The shots were created on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, in the early hours. That is, a few days after the male was defeated at Brodec.

If it really is a wolf from Kokořínsko, where the nature protection and landscape conservation agency reports about it, it means that at least one wolf managed to overcome the D10 motorway. "Wolves appear in different parts of the Czech Republic and rumors spread that they are being planted in nature. On the basis of monitoring and genetic analysis, however, it is clear that it is a natural spread of individuals from neighboring Saxony or Poland. Wolves in Saxony, like now, live in the cultural landscape of Central Europe. The myth about the shy animal, which needs virgin nature and vast, empty-handed areas, is really just a myth. The wolf is a curious animal and it is normal that it can also move around the day in the vicinity of human buildings or means of transport, " says František Pelc, director of the Czech Nature Protection Agency.

Kokorinsko, where our first wolf pack has been living since 2015, is only 40 kilometers away. That's the distance the wolf will overnight. "The fact that the wolves have appeared in the islet of nature within the vast areas of the intensive agricultural landscapes of Polabi and Pojizeri indicates that it is time to correct the perceived idea that wolves for longer shifts require continuous forest migration corridors. Migration rather restricts the development and frequent communication, not the absence of forests in the landscape, " adds Martin Šálek of the Institute of Vertebrate Biology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Now the wolf appeared in places that are only about 30 kilometers from the suburbs of Prague.


That the wolves have just found the former military space seems to be no coincidence. This is the closest location near Kokorinsk, where a relatively large and compact landscape without human settlements intersects forest and non-forest areas with a rich supply of food. "As in other parts of the Czech Republic, wild boars are overrun in the former military space. If the wolves were to settle there, they could help reduce their status, " added Dalibor Dostal, director of Česká krajina.

The former military space between Milovice and Venice nad Jizerou is a unique location where the top dog dogs, the predators, the jackal and the wolf can be seen as the only place in our country. It was here that last year the reproduction of the jackal was first established outside the Balkans and the Danube Lowland. This year's military area has visited wolves, maybe even a few. "Permanent photopapers of course remain in the area of ​​grazing reserves so that any possible wilderness in the locality should not miss our attention," adds Miloslav Jirka, coordinating biological monitoring.

Local hunters are not the surprise wolves, his arrival from Kokořínsko expected. "We certainly do not feel the presence of a wolf as a threat. The wolf can help us maintain the equilibrium of game, it can contribute to its recovery by removing diseased pieces from the ecosystem, " says Karel Bendl, Mayor of the Old Venice Neighborhood, adjacent to the site. "For small animals, the pressure of the predators will not increase, rather they will change when the wolf pushes other predators," adds Karel Bendl. He also sees their contribution to the regulation of black game states.

In his words, local people and visitors do not have to worry about it. "Certainly it should not cause any hysterical reaction. But people should definitely not let their dogs run for leisure, as it is unfortunately nowadays, " adds Karel Bendl.

The presence of the wolf does not have to worry the public, according to the Czech Lands, but the breeders of small livestock should take simple measures to protect them. The most vulnerable are sheep and goats, which should be locked in the safe for the night, ideally complemented by a commonly used sheep net. Larger animals, such as horses and cattle, should be safe, with the exception of foals and calves. That the lone wolf would dare near human settlements is not very likely, but caution is especially the case of sheep and goats on the ground. The free movement of dogs is also inappropriate without the owner's supervision, but this should be a matter of course at all times.


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