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Tickets, tickets, tickets - how to shop online?

You do not have to take the tickets for a long time in advance to the station or nervously traverse the concert with the fear of "coming in" at all. Online purchase of tickets, tickets or tickets can save a lot of time and energy, but it also hides some pitfalls. Do you know what your rights are different from buying ordinary goods in e-shops? And why is it better to avoid retailers on social networks?

You need to be very careful when selecting a trader. The most reliable option is to shop directly with your service provider - that is, on a carrier's website, airline, theater or concert organizer. "Particularly in the case of airline tickets, there are tempting offers from intermediaries who can have incredibly low prices. However, this may be a warning that it is a fraudulent website, " says Lukas Zeleny, head of the legal department of the consumer organization dTest. And recommends: "Check the merchant's details, business terms and, above all, user reviews from as many sources as possible before payment."

In the case of tickets for cultural events, there is danger in the form of retailers - individuals on social networks who "get extra tickets". They often give an explanation like "I have a sick girlfriend" or "it's an inappropriate gift". Tickets will be sent to you by e-mail upon payment. The fact that they sent the same ticket to another twenty people, you will find out at the entrance.

You can find general terms and conditions on every website that sells something. At the same time, you will usually find a link while filling in the order. If you buy tickets or tickets, pay particular attention to the possibilities of withdrawal or transfer to another person. "The golden rule of the two-week withdrawal period does not apply here without giving any reason and without any sanction. Each carrier can set its terms and most often consist of paying a cancellation fee. Change of a person is also charged for international connections, at low cost airlines it is usually not possible at all, " says Lukas Zeleny. For tickets for cultural events, you should be interested in a dedicated program change or compensation in the event of cancellation of the event.

If you are buying as a student, senior or disabled person, look for an opportunity to apply a discount when ordering. In the case of student discounts, most of the national connections require an orange pupil card to be displayed on a specific route - from the place of residence to the place of study. However, you can also meet carriers who offer several percent discounts for holders of universal student ID cards. "But you'd better see that you are really entitled to a discount - if you do not prove it on the spot, you will pay at least the difference compared to the standard fare, in the worst case, something extra," says Green.

Airlines often offer interesting discounts on tickets for young children. On the other hand, when traveling by plane, some services are also considered for extra charges. For example, it's a good idea to check how much a baggage the ticket entitles you to take with you. Especially for low-cost companies, the basic offer is inadequate, and when shopping, you will save your nerves at the airport.

By correctly selecting, paying and receiving tickets, tickets or tickets, you still have not won. Be sure to carefully read the enclosed instructions to learn if you need to have a paper version or simply know the order number or preview on the smartphone screen. In the case of airline tickets, information is also available on how much you should arrive at check-in.

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