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Tiger twins Bulan and Wanita explore an outdoor range

The young Tiger of Malays born last October in the Prague Zoo, Bulan and Wanita, looked for the first time in the beautiful outdoor season in beautiful spring weather. There they will spend more time there now.

Bulan and Wanita, along with Mother Banya, went out into the open air for the first time on April 12. The length of their stay outside will gradually increase, so for most of the spring and summer, visitors will be able to watch in more attractive outdoor areas. Zoo director Miroslav Bobek does not doubt that these extremely rare tigers will be the center of attention and a great attraction for visiting the Prague Zoo.

After a roughly half-year stay in the pavilion for the youngsters, they had a great change - the first meeting with lawn, trees and bushes, which, according to Paul Brandl's mammal curator, will get really busy. The run-up of youngsters will probably soon become unrecognizable. "As expected, the first one ventured into the Wanita enclosure, which - although smaller - it is more pervasive, sharper, and roughly after ten minutes the first signs of devastation have already begun to follow the runway," Brandl said.

The Malay tiger is critically endangered; nine European institutions have only 19 individuals, including the Prague Zoo, which has been keeping these beasts since 2006. An estimated 250 adult individuals live in the wild.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo to tz: Petr Hamernik, Prague Zoo

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