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Sex After Treating Prostate Cancer: Openness Is Paid!

Prostate treatment can cause problems with sexual life. However, they can usually be solved successfully. The main thing is to run away from problems and be honest - to a partner and to one another.

Cancer does not matter, treatment is already yes

Growing prostate cancer does not interfere most with sexual life. When problems with urination or symptoms caused by metastases occur in other organs, a man who neglects a preventative examination may be brought to the doctor. At that moment, the circle is spinning, which he can choose his tax on his love life. Not one man has the stress, fear and aggressive treatment of sex power or thoughts. And if he has, he can find out that he is far from doing so in the sphere. However, it has to be said that sexual problems are definitely not a "punishment" for a late diagnosis. Even a man who is in the early stages of prostate cancer can undergo treatment that threatens his sexual life. No healing method is without risk.

Which solution hurts the least?

If you are interested in how to maintain fertility after your prostate treatment, you may want to look at this article . We will now focus in a slightly different way - on how it is after treating prostate cancer with potency and the ability to love.
Operation. Of all solutions, this is the most risky. Surgical removal of the prostate can damage the nerves that pass near it and lead to the topical bodies of the penis. Without them, spontaneous erection is almost impossible. Save these nerves is often complicated during surgery: either because they are not well-seen or because the procedure to make sense simply has to be extensive and go to the nerves.
Hormonal treatment. She's another enemy of sex. It has the task of suppressing the production or effect of male sex hormones that promote prostate tumor growth. Of course, these are also essential for masculinity. In addition to having problems with erection or ejaculation, she can take hormonal treatment and have sex. The same is sometimes the case with chemotherapy.
Radiation. This method is not risk free. Erection problems will affect up to half the men who undergo some form of irradiation. What is irradiated will damage it. Therefore, the most cost-effective methods are those that aim precisely at the tumor and minimize the health of the environment. The best thing current medical science can offer is proton therapy in this regard.
Waiting strategy. The only thing that does not pose a risk to the body is not to treat the tumor and wait. Unfortunately, this is only possible in some cases. The dismay that you grow a tumor in your prostate can play with the psyche and cause trouble while you're still in love.

Keep real expectations

When diagnosing prostate cancer, the main one is to get the best treatment. You are surely aware of both yourself and your partner. It is good to prepare both of you for having sex problems after the treatment. Besides the fact that time is sometimes the best medicine, there are also many pills and other methods that can stimulate the potential. We wrote a few about them here . However, their testing can not be done without the cooperation of a partner. Everything may not work for the first time. Several initial failures should therefore not deter further testing.

If you treat prostate cancer, work with your partner to maintain intimacy and sexual proximity. In a positive approach, the return of full-fledged sexual life can be greatly accelerated.

Author: Lucie Kovářová
Source: U lékař

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