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Weekly Horoscope Apr 16 to Apr 22, 2018

Weekly Horoscope Apr 16 to Apr 22, 2018 Do not help anyone who does not ask for it, do not worry about things that do not concern you directly. Stay away. Being just a viewer does not have to hurt at all.

Week: 16. 4. 2018 - 22. 4. 2018

Aries (21.3.-20.4.)
Dear Lambs, stop frowning on those who disagree with you. Be glad that you are not surrounded by attractors, but by people with their own opinions that you can discuss! Discuss, do not be afraid. In the material field, it will be good for those who actively take their "fate" into their hands. You have a higher level of protection, but those who want to see your true interest in the result. So try. In private, you can say a word of patience. What you can do on a lasting basis will bear fruit. Sweet fruits! Do not give up ..

Taurus (21.4.-20.5.)
Dear Bulls, it pays to plan. Do nothing shamelessly and without thinking. Think carefully of the procedure and the next thing. Everything will go much easier. And with success! In the material sphere, do not worry about working paths; will go beyond expectations. As far as finances are concerned, you can enjoy some joy. Whatever you can accomplish, end; and it wants a reward. You take the personal situation with greater insight! You really have nothing to worry about, on the contrary. Things are approaching a joyful goal. Do not make a mosquito camel, as they say, really will not live.

Gemini (21.5.-21.6.)
Dear Gemini, you should have the energy to give away, so be careful not to overdo the activity. He hurts all power. Help out where help is available .. Try to take the financial sphere with ease. If it does not work, maybe it's just a purely subjective feeling. Sure you're not hungry! And what has not happened now, tomorrow can easily turn around. Do not take things so seriously, you only harm yourself. In privacy, be careful not to get nudged. You tend to succumb to the misleading reflections of the "truth" presented. It is enough to think a little more - head! .. ;-)

Cancer (22.6.-22.7.)
Dear Race, it looks like a new start - feeling. You should experience something that directly charges you with new energy. Do not let yourself be spoiled in such a good mood, do what's happening! .. Keep yourself at work and think of yourself. Things that are happening now will show up in the real light somewhat later, so now you would just ruin the day. Do not do it, think of your mental health .. ;-) Even in private you can get into the faith of chaos and the stress of the surrounding. How come from that? Simply: Close the door behind you, letting your home do what they want. You are waiting for the nature and peace of mind for the soul. Go walk and turn off ..

Lev (23.7-23.8.)
Dear Lioness, believe in your intuition, not what whosoever tells you. You can rely on the inner feelings this time is in close harmony with reality. And by that, get organized. The sphere shows a certain amount of chaos in which you can find yourself. If you are not sure, ask directly. It is the fastest and cleanest solution to the situation. Focus your energy more on privacy, because here you have to enjoy everything that life offers. And without drowning! You should realize how lucky you are that you live where you live and with whom you live. It's not a matter of course - every day there is a reason to celebrate ..

Virgo (24.8.-23.9.)
Dear Dolls, if they come up with problems these days, it will be the result of past mistakes. Prepare to be able to catch up with you. But it does not matter, it has the potential of a peaceful solution. You do not think anything, they also want to help you with higher strength. So - if there is an elegant solution, it turns out "alone." In private, definitely force yourself to action. Sitting with your hands in your lap is nonsense. Bend your body and feelings. Whatever you see. You need to attract someone's attention, and it is not going to be a brawl in the corner .. ;-)

Libra (24.9.-23.10.)
Dear Libra, be careful not to let anyone influence your conviction. Keep your own opinions stemming from your own experience. Believe only what you have, figuratively speaking, have reached. The material sphere does not depend on abundance, on the contrary, you are in danger of losing in many ways. Keep your money and money! Do not give trumpets to anyone in the form of confession with their weaknesses. Keep your face at all costs .. Do not help in private to anyone who does not ask for it, do not confuse yourself in matters that do not concern you directly. Stay away. Being just a viewer does not have to hurt at all.

Scorpio (24.10.-22.11.)
Dear Scorpio, happiness wishes to all who are actively interested in the events around you. You have a protective arm of higher strength, so why not use it. You can go into what you hesitated. A good result should come. A conservative approach to work or finances could be a good thing on these days. You should try to accept the suggestion from outside, or at least seriously think about things. Strictly everything is not the way to reject. At home, be patient, here you go in the right direction. Nowadays, you can be quite proud of your approach, do nothing early. Things are still evolving, they can only be better.

Sagittarius (23.11.-21.12.)
Dear Sagittarius, it will take a lot of diplomatic approaches to get you "in the talk". Or did the wrongdoing already do not bother with the indiscriminate approach. The best defense against slanders is superficiality; but you know, just remember it in time, that? .. At work and finance you do not have much to admit any problem, because as it came, it will disappear. Protective forces do not make any wrinkles. For these days, there is definitely no crash on your private stock market. Maybe the other way around .. In private, do not expect anyone to do something for you - it will do it differently than you will like! If you need to change something, do it yourself and now ..

Capricorn (22.12.-20.1.)
Dear Capricorn, be open to any new challenge and do not worry about the outcome. These days there is nothing you can not try and what you can not do. At least you are honored .. ;-) Do not eat the massive area too much, you have everything for yourself. That you can have more abundance and success, it knows about you, but you also need a slightly poorer period to have the possibility of comparison, do not you think? Not only was it better for you, but soon it will be .. In private, prepare for a possible reversal with a beneficial effect. Surely do not give up in advance, because it would be a big mistake. Patience..

Aquarius (21.1.-19.2.)
Dear Aquarius, it is a very nice time for you to taste a reward for patience in a certain affair. You will not be at the target yet, but you will be pleased with the motivation for further work. The material sphere shows that you can realize what your real needs are and where you really want to be. Whether you follow it afterwards is the second, but the awareness of your prizes is definitely worth noting. Happiness in private can not be replaced anyway. Healthy relationships with your closest friends call for a celebration, a party with friends. You are experiencing a time when a dream can change into reality.

Fish (20.2.-20.3.)
Dear Rybky, in your soul, you should wake up peace and peace. You have harmonious days before you should experience it wisely in terms of life experience. The lucrative work you deserve goes to work and finance. You only know what effort you made to get where you are now. You should indulge in a celebration and be proud of yourself. Legally proud. Be careful not to get into the same "trouble" as you did in the past. Do not repeat patterns of behavior that, as you well know, have never led to where you wanted to. There may be a "skeleton out of the wardrobe", so look to show that you are somewhere else else .. ;-)

Famous words to think:
"While we postpone things for later, life is running away." (Seneca)

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