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Another Class of Certificates is awarded

Other Class Certificates are awarded by eight manufacturers. Among the winners we can find confectionery and confectionery products, which follow the traditional Czech production, some of them are suitable for celiacs. The Czech specialty was also slaughtered and traditionally added yoghurts, pastries and other types of pasta.

Newly awarded products:

Greek Yoghurt, South Bohemian Yoghurt, South Bohemian Yoghurt BRUSINKA, South Bohemian Yogurt ŠVESTKA, South Bohemian Yoghurt VANILKA - LUSK, South Bohemian Pottery BORŮVKA, Zákys from South Bohemia ČERVENÝ OMERANČ, Zákys southern Bohemia VANILKA - LUSK
Manufacturer: "AGRO-LA", spol. s ro
Many of the award-winning products of this company have expanded with new flavors of yoghurt and chopsticks ripened directly in the glass. Yoghurts are made from non-homogenised whole milk, concentrated only with skimmed-milk powder. They are made using a selected mixture of lactic acid bacteria.
The company "AGRO-LA" was founded in 1992. The main focus was on laboratory activities for agriculture, food and the environment. The company has recently introduced a program for the preparation and distribution of nutrient media for microbiology and preparation of special dairy cultures. As a result of this activity, the production of yogurt began in 1993, thanks to the unique quality of the products being one of the most important activities of the company.

DIANA - premium pralines - pralines made from bitter 70% chocolate filled with cream and whole hazelnut, DIANA - chocolate pralines with whole hazelnut, CHERRY - cherry in 70% bitter chocolate, LAGUNA Premium / Seafood Premium
Manufacturer: CARLA spol. s ro
You can choose Diana pralines in both bitter and chocolate choices. Inside you always find the whole hazelnut. Another classic is CHERRY, which is cherry with alcohol in 70% of the bitter chocolate. The fourth product to be rewarded is Seafood made from bitter 70% chocolate and white chocolate with a fine hazelnut filling in the form of seafood.
CARLA was founded in 1992 in Dvůr Králové nad Labem. It offers a wide range of finished products, but also provides a wide range of semi-finished products for industry and gourmet professionals. Annually, they produce hundreds of tons of chocolate and chocolate products.

Manufacturer: ČOKO KLASIK družstvo
The award-winning Grissini gluten free product is the first product of the new bakery division of gluten-free products. The challenging development took 3 years to achieve the desired flavor and fragility.
The company ČOKO KLASIK družstvo has been on the Czech market since 1997. Within 20 years it has grown to produce gluten-free confectionery.

Adriana Semolina Pasta - Short (Attachment), Adriana Semolina Pasta - Long Vari, Adriana Semolina Pasta - Soup (sliced)
Manufacturer: Europasta SE
Adriana's pasta is made from 100% semolina or special wheat flour, which ensures that pasta from this high-quality flour is not cooked at the recommended boiling time. Adriano's pasta offers 15 different shapes, ranging from classic spaghetti, toasted pasta to soup hair noodles.
Europasta SE is the largest Czech pasta manufacturer with the widest portfolio of pasta throughout the Czech Republic. In addition to pasta, Adriana also produces traditional pasta with the brand of Zátkovy egg pasta and garlic Rosice Pasta, which are also holders of the Klasa brand.

Gluten-free honey tart Marlenka with walnuts, Napoleon Marlenka with cocoa, Honey Roll Marlenka with cocoa and raspberries, Walnut honey Marlenka
Manufacturer: MARLENKA international sro
The newly-awarded MARLENKA Gluten-Free Honey Cake is designed not only for gluten-free customers. Napoleonky MARLENKA with cocoa is a dessert made from fluffy dough that is filled with the original milk cream. Honey roller with cocoa and raspberries is another of the products of this company, which is made of the highest quality raw materials with a significant milk content, lyophilized raspberries and honey. Last but not least, the walnut honey beads MARELENKA, which are made of the best raw materials, with a significant content of walnuts, milk and honey, were newly awarded.
MARLENKA international is a dynamically developing family business that exports its honey cakes and cakes to more than 40 countries around the world.

Manufacturer: MOCCA, spol. s ro
YES MILK TABS are milk tablets made from milk powder, slightly flavored with honey. They do not contain dyes or aromas. The second award is 4FRESH CHERRY. This is an interesting novelty in award-winning products, refreshing "candy" in every pocket that is sold in a tin box. This two-layer bagless compressor contains a steviol glycoside sweetener. The delicious cherry flavor blends with the refreshing power of menthol.
MOCCA is a purely Czech family company founded in 1993. In 2006, it continued to produce compresses and dragees for over one hundred years of confectionery production in the Liberec region.

Gingerbread without gluten
Manufacturer: PERNÍK sro
Gluten-free spitters are a Czech product and contain almost exclusively domestic raw materials. They are characterized by a fragile and pleasantly sweet taste. The product will not only be appreciated by people with gluten intolerance.
The company PERNÍK was founded in 1999. It is a Czech company that focuses on the production of a wide range of bakery products. You can find them under their own brand "TRADITIONAL CZECH DRESSES" even in the retail chains. The plant is located in Těchlovice near Hradec Králové.

Mackerel Mackerel
Manufacturer: RAVY CZ as
Awarded product Lamb meat has a unique taste and smell thanks to the used offal and harmoniously balanced spice characteristic of the slaughterhouse. This company is the only producer of this type cut in the Czech Republic. The origin of meat is exclusively from the Czech Republic.
RAVY CZ has been operating on the market for more than 25 years and specializes in the production of roasted meat cakes, which are supplied to 10 EU countries. In March 2016, the company expanded production to Japan.


The National Quality Label of KLASA has been awarded by the Minister of Agriculture since 2003 as an exceptionally good food and agricultural product. The administration of the brand is carried out by the State Agricultural Intervention Fund. The National Quality Label is acquired by the manufacturer for three years. The KLASA logo serves consumers for better market orientation when recognizing exceptionally high quality products as compared to commonly available foods. At present, consumers can find the CLASA brand on the packaging of a total of 1,013 products from 229 Czech and Moravian manufacturers. A complete list of all award-winning products is available at

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