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Czech theater photography from 1859 to 2017 in the Municipal House in Prague

The first large exhibition of photographs from the theater environment The Czech Theater Photography from 1859 to 2017 will be seen in the Municipal House in Prague from 9 May to 24 June 2018.

Visitors' exhibition will take place through the history of the Czech theater from the beginning of photography and will offer portraits of actor stars, photographs of productions of renowned large and studio scenes, theater buildings and backstage, all from the mid 19th century to the present.

For example, legends such as František Drtikol, Miroslav Hak, Václav Chochola and Jaroslav Krejci come from the famous Langhans Photographic Studio and many others.
The present work is devoted to a separate section that presents the results of the photographic competition for professionals and students.

The exhibition also focuses on a number of other aspects of the history of Czech theater and photography, as well as the comparison of historical and contemporary promotional photographs and theater materials, documentation of the important moments of our history in which theater actors played a significant role, or exhibits of photographic techniques.

An accompanying program, which will offer various workshops, seminars, lectures, guided tours or Vandy Hybner's photographic studio , will be part of the exhibition, which will be celebrated during the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia. On this occasion, a monograph of the same name will be published.

The exhibition is organized by the Institute of Art - Theater Institute (IDU) in cooperation with the National Museum. And lovers of Czech theater should definitely enjoy.

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