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Quiet life without fatal illness - thanks to vaccination!

Prior to the discovery and introduction of field vaccination, morbidity and mortality rates for infectious diseases were high. In the modern, 21st century we consider reliable health care for granted. We also assume with certainty that our children will live in adulthood. However, it is often remembered that humankind owes its humor to this luxury.

The greatest success

Prior to the discovery of vaccination, infectious diseases for mankind constituted an insoluble problem. For example, smallpox virus (variola) only killed many millions of people during the 20th century. When it started to vaccinate this dangerous and deadly disease, it was like a real miracle. Today, thanks to vaccination, we can boast that the Variola virus has completely eradicated. This means that no one is ever real-world poisoned around the world. This can be considered the greatest success of vaccination. It is not interesting that the Czech epidemiologist Karel Raška is also responsible for it.

Protect yourself and your children

Black cough, tetanus, rubella, measles, ... This is only a fraction of the list of diseases against which they are vaccinated in the Czech Republic. Prior to the discovery and introduction of field vaccination, morbidity and mortality were high for all of these infectious diseases. While we do not see the polio case in the Czech Republic, for example, before the year 1960, 600 children were infected annually in Czechoslovakia. Some of them died. Those who survived often carry or have life-long consequences.

Unnecessary worries

Many people today are afraid of risks and therefore refuse vaccination. There are many illicit myths about vaccination. So what, according to experts, is not true?
Vaccinations are caused by autism. This alarm report was due to one English study that claimed this. Subsequently, it turned out that the evidence of "research" was frightened and everything was fictional. On the contrary, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a list of 40 studies that show no connection between vaccination and autism.
Vaccination is only a personal matter for every person.
In fact, by not letting yourself and your children vaccinate, you endanger the health of the entire population. The so-called collective immunity ceases to work.
Natural immunity is better than that obtained by vaccination.
Thanks to vaccinations, our defense system can practice combat with a weakened infection, which then easily overwhelms. If an unvaccinated person encounters a non-weakened infection, the immune reaction may not be sufficient and it may end up fatally.

Author: MDDr. Barbora Reitmeierová
Source: U lékař

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