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Three celebrations on Jezerce!

Generals a hundred times, Shylock for fifteenth, two hundred and fifty Mistress Colonel

The 100th Repeat will be celebrated on April 12 at The Jezero of the Comedy General with Jirina Bohdalová in the title role. The play by Jiří Hubač in the production of director Radka Balaš was premiered in 2014. Another celebration awaits Bohdal in May, when she and her colleagues from Jezerka play for two hundred and fifty Colonel Mistress . It was also recently filmed by Czech Television. In 2016, the theater featured Shylock's play by Mark Leiner-Young and Milan Kňazek . "This game will be celebrated in April 2018 for the 50th Repeat . As in the case of the General and Shylock, the theater paid off to bet on outstanding acting, " says Jan Hrusinski, the theater principal. Just for Shylock, the Prize winner won the Thalia Award 2016. We will see the fifth rerun on 23rd April on a tour in Trutnov.

Lake on the road in 2018

By the end of March, the Divadlo Na Jezerce Theater across Europe runs off to represent Czech culture. This year's international tours of the Nusel scene are heading to Belgium, Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine.

"With the 100th anniversary of our country, we start foreign tours just in places that once belonged to Czechoslovakia. We go to Uzhgorod with the Czech-Slovak production Shylock, which opposes anti-Semitism and human stupidity, " says Jan Hrušínsky Theater Principal at Jezerce. In April, the audience in Brussels will enjoy Milan Kňažka as Shylock.

The ensemble of theater has traditionally traveled to Vienna. "Theater Jezerce is here at home. And not just because of architecture. Viennese goulash or steak, beef tipped with horseradish, Viennese sausages or Viennese coffee in Prague - the Viennese café ... " says Jan Hrušínský. And all this in the city by the Danube will enjoy actors from the production The Last Aristocrat, who play it here on Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

And like every year, the goal of the Slovak ensemble is the theater. Jezerka regularly takes part in the Festival of Czech Theater in Studio L + S in Bratislava. We also collaborated with the famous Slovak theater Astorka Korzo 90. The Nusel scene regularly participates in the international festival Visegrad Day in Košice. "Slovakia simply is not a foreigner for Jezerka," concludes Jan Hrušínský.

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