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She knows every sixth man. There is little talk about prostate cancer

It is strange how little attention is devoted to preventing prostate cancer. Especially when statistics show that this disease affects every sixth man.

Everyone's prostate cancer! Is that what you see? The incidence of prostate cancer, according to data from the Czech National Oncology Registry, has risen sharply over the past decades. Is that a reason for distress?

Yes and no. It is important to know the causes of the increase. These can be summed up into three points:
Prostate cancer occurs primarily in older age. Human life is generally prolonged, so there are more men who survive the prostate cancer . That does not mean that the younger ones are safe!
Diagnosis is improved. Modern investigative methods reveal this tumor in more men than before. If, of course, they come and be examined.
Doctors even focus on this disease in the oldest patients, which in the past was uncommon.

In the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, we have made great progress, but without your interest, even the state-of-the-art medicine can not do anything. Symptoms come late, sometimes they may not even come and the only way to detect prostate cancer in time is to go on a regular basis for examination. If you do not, you play a Russian roulette.

No one dies

It is true that some men live with prostate cancer without the need for treatment. On the one hand they have a slowly growing tumor, and on the other they tend to be older. Prostate cancer complications in the eighty-year-old are not greatly aggravated by other age deficiencies and quality of life. The carriers of these tumors then die for a heart attack or stroke. Another situation is with younger men who want to live full.

Occurrence of prostate cancer in men under the age of 40 is rare, but as early as forty years, new cases begin to increase and after fifty years the curve grows steeply. Men between sixty and seventy years are among the most vulnerable groups. Some of these men succumb to cancer, absolutely unnecessary. They could be diagnosed earlier, at an early stage when they are easily treated. But this requires a regular investigation to begin at the age of forty.

Were you 40? Let yourself be examined

If you are thirty or forty years old, maybe you are between the age of sixties and seventy, like the age you have to count on serious illnesses. But it is not. Sixties are often quite healthy people who want to enjoy. And preventative examinations to look for early stages of cancer are primarily investments in the future. Think about what life will be like for ten, twenty or thirty years. Believe it will be fun too.

Let yourself be examined at least once a year, not to become number 6, which instead of going to sea will be taken to a spa after treating prostate cancer. If your urologist has your order for three months, do not expect anything. Call the Proton Treatment Center in Prague to get your examination within five days, and in case of a positive finding, it will help you get the most modern and effective treatment with minimal consequences - proton irradiation. The proton center awaits personal access, with an hourly consultation with the urologist free and friendly environment.

Do not put it down. It may be too late tomorrow. A timed bomb in your prostate may be today.

Author: MUDr. Tereza Kopecká
Source: U lékař

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