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Hip Hop Lives announces new names: Ector, DJ Wich, Sergei Barracuda

The Hip Hop Living Festival publishes new names for the Prague and Ostrava programs. Prague can look forward to Ector, who returns back to the scene after a year's pause, complete with the legendary producer DJ Wich in the capital. Sergei Barracuda and Pastor from the Azurit Kingdom will be presenting both in Prague and Ostrava.

The other sounding names of the Ostrava program are Slovak rappers Strapo and Zverina . In the Czech Republic, Hip Hop Living , which has a five-year tradition in Slovakia, will take place in Prague for the first time on July 28 and secondly after last year's premiere in Ostrava on September 1 .

Ector baptized on February 16 and 17 in two concerts his new album called ALFA. For both baptisms, more than 4000 people arrived at the SaSaZ club in Prague, after a twelve-hour break for a significant Czech rapper means a successful comeback. Fans who missed the baptism of the album will be able to enjoy the Ector's show on July 28 at the Holshop Fairgrounds at the Hip Hop Live in Prague, where also the famous DJ Wich or Sergei Barracuda and Pastor arrive.

Last year, more than 6,000 visitors met in Ostrava on Hip Hop Living. This year's second year is held on 1st September, again in Dolní Vítkovice.
Previously announced names for both cities include Kontrafakt, Majk Spirit and Separ , and Kali in Ostrava.

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