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Sypete a white powder into the coffee? She has a lot of milk

Instant coffee products are sold under different names - coffee creamer, coffee bleach, instant dried delicacy or coffee foam. For the sake of simplicity they are called dried cream. What, however, is it divided from true cream? The consumer magazine dTest compared 16 products to black coffee. Compared to the actual dried milk, instead of milk fat, there is a plant and a whole lot of "milk".

Even though the appearance and possibly the use of the method makes it simpler, the name "coffee cream" is inadmissible for these products . With milk, plant substitutes have only a common color and the presence of milk protein. The basis is glucose syrup and vegetable fat. "Labeling manufacturers do not do the problem, worse it is sometimes with vendors. Reservations in proper names can be found, for example, in e-shops, " notes Hana Hoffmann, editor-in-chief of dTest.

Reasons for using bleach for coffee may be several. The main advantage is that you can store them for a long time, with no special temperature requirements. This is probably why you can also find bleach in coffee machines where their use is masked, for example, under the name "white coffee". Another advantage is the low price (from CZK 6 per 100 grams of mixture).

The Éčka can not be absent in the bleach for technological reasons, because they care for the product not to cloud, dissolve well, keep its texture and create a full taste. "Our assessment was based exclusively on information from the packaging and we took into account the content of sugar, salt and protein, used fat as well as the representation of food chemistry. But we also found substances that are not necessary, such as dye and aroma, " comments Hana Hoffmann.

Fat is the flavor of the flavor, its content ranged from 10 to 40% in the monitored products, ranging from cooking cream to cream to de luxe. Producers use coconut, palm or soybean instead of milk fat. dTest negatively assessed that the manufacturers of Samantha Lux products, Mokate Carmen Foam, Samantha Standard, Amylon Coffee Creamer and Lidl / Monte Santos Creamore fats partially hardened. Particular stiffening may result in prominently harmful trans-fatty acids . Fully stiffened fats also collapsed points, only slightly. With full stiffening, trans fatty acids do not emerge.

Sugar might not be looking for instant sugar substitutes. "But sugar makers should be careful and read the composition because glucose syrup has been found in all the instant instant mixtures," says Hana Hoffmann, adding: "The problem is the amount of sugar that glucose syrup delivers to the product without creating a sweet taste for language. Differences between products are profound. The sugar recorder is the Albert Quality product - 81 g in 100 g instant mix. In other words, you get one teaspoon of sugar you do not know with each batch of this product you put in a cup. " It is worth mentioning that the second and third highest sugar products - Samantha Lux and Samantha Standard - are in 100 g of powder 68, respectively 69 g of sugar.

You can find a comparison of coffee bleach on Complete results were delivered by the February issue of the dTest magazine.

DTest Tips:
If you are a supporter of coffee bleach, choose products that are not partially hydrogenated (hydrogenated) fats . They may contain harmful trans-fatty acids.
The less sugar in the nutrition table, the better.
If this is not necessary, for example because of lactose intolerance, treat your milk with more nutritious milk or cream. For allergy sufferers with milk protein, do not give bleach to coffee, because you can find it in bleach too.

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