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What are the customs duties when traveling with medicines?

Many tourists still underestimate the risks associated with the medications they take on their journeys. Many products can not be transported at all, and the import of some of them may even be in prison in some countries. How to avoid unpleasant problems?

Do you think you just have to put all the medications you take regularly and occasionally before going to the luggage and go out? That's definitely not the case. Some preparations are easier to do with travel and customs, with others to impossible. Then it's better not to try it. Vitamin-containing gelatin candies can be packed by children as well as taking all-natural and over-the-counter medicines in their original packaging. It is good to choose those that have a known international name. If you were confiscated with a blister with headache, you would buy something similar in the target country.

Prescription drugs

With prescription formulations, you may be prompted to show what medications are involved. You may also need to prove that you only have it for your needs and in a quantity that corresponds to your length of stay. That's why it's good to carry a certificate from a doctor.

Injection with documentation only

Injectable drugs may be a bit more of a problem. Imports of injected preparations are generally treated with stricter regulations and may be forbidden. If you have the proper documentation, it probably prevents you from suspecting that you are a drug smuggler. But it does not have to give you permission to bring the medicine to the country. You should therefore inform the embassy of the country in advance.

Whatever you can avoid

The worst idea is to travel with medicines that are also considered problematic for us - such as opiates. You may need them and you have them prescribed by your doctor. But if you go with them to Asia, for example, count on everything. The technical documentation here may not be valid here and there may be a jail.

There is no country like a country

There are some general rules in the European Union , but each country still has its own rules regulating the import of medicines. The purpose of these restrictions is to remove counterfeit and dangerous products from the market. This is, of course, part of drug policy. With customs controls, you have to count not only on the borders but also on the inland.

Even a liberal country like Switzerland forbids the import of a range of foods and medicines. Imports of cigarettes and alcohol are also restricted to Croatia . Anything that can be classified as a drug can then cause tremendous trouble.

Do not try to bring to the United Arab Emirates anything you do not necessarily need - a problem is also the erotic magazine or Bible, let alone some types of medicines . The legislation of the Arab states is very specific and, in some respects, very strict.

Do not leave anything to chance and inform you about the possibility of transferring medicines . Especially do not think that in the worst case you will have to send the products from the Czech Republic. Shipping of medicated consignments is subject to the most stringent regulations at all.

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