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Traditional handicrafts on farmland in South Tyrol

Do you like to learn new things and would you like to bake your own bread, produce cheese or try traditional crafts? The Roter Hahn farm in South Tyrol is the place to try these activities.

Crafts have always been very important for South Tyrol. Whole families engaged in manual work, especially in the winter months when it was impossible to manage outside. Tourists can learn from experienced farmers a lot of interesting tips and tricks for cheese making, bread baking or home-made bacon.

Production of cheese

Traditional cheese production is typical for South Tyrol. And thanks to the "white gold" of high quality milk. The best condition for getting good milk is fresh mountain air, up to 300 sunny days a year and juicy grass with different herbs. Thanks to this, local people can produce tasty cheeses, fresh, sliced ​​or soft, as well as yoghurt, curd or butter. They process not only cows' milk but also goats and sheep. Interesting are dwarf goats that give milk used in the production of nutmeg that matures in walnut leaves. Not only can you learn how homemade cheese is made, but if you arrive early March (March 9 - March 11), you will be able to visit the Sand in Taufers Festival in the Tauferer Ahrntal Valley. Thousands of different types of cheese will be tasted.

Hours of cooking

Visitors can also enjoy home-made products such as teas, juices, marmalades, but also domestic bacon, and also learn from farmers how to produce these products. In the autumn, tourists will experience the typical South Tyrolean slaughterhouses associated with the production of the bacon. It has to be slowed down and the basic rule for quality bacon is low smoke and a lot of mountain air. And also a long, maturing up to eight months in the cellar without temperature fluctuations.

Baking bread

Baking home-made bread is a traditional activity on farms that is passed on from generation to generation. If you wish to cook your own bread, you will also be able to try it on local estates. The best part of the whole baking process is, of course, a tasting of this delicacy. Along with homemade butter or cheese, this whole experience becomes simply perfect.


Local guilds devote themselves to a variety of hand work from traditional, such as embroidery or weaving to less common, such as the production of hay figures. The classic farmer's art on the farm is wood work. Local residents produce beautiful wooden furniture, decorations, statuettes, baskets, and guests can admire their craftsmanship. Animal husbandry owners, especially sheep, then process wool. The wool produces knitted or woven products or felt. On Easter, visitors can see decorated chicken or goose eggs, just like in our country.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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