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For the first time with a physiotherapist - what to prepare for?

If you are waiting for a rehab and a physiotherapist visit, you might not know what to expect. Let us know how registration is going on and what procedures you can look forward to.

Choosing a clinic is the first step

Choosing the device you will rehabilitate may not be easy. Help answer the following questions.
Do I know someone who can evaluate the clinic with her own experience?
How many minutes will it take to travel from home or from work to rehabilitation?
Does the clinic perform all the rehabilitation techniques prescribed by my doctor?
What is the waiting time before starting the exercise? Will not it be months?
How long do I want to complete a rehabilitation plan? Will I run multiple times a week?
Do I like the environment of the clinic? Are there nice people here?

The voucher for rehabilitation is valid. It is listed on a form issued by the dispatching physician. Be careful not to run out, and do not overlook the clinic. Be sure to get as much information as possible before writing to your device, but look elsewhere.

Entrance visit

Upon coming to the clinic, your Nationals will enter the system. Before registering, find out all the important dates in which you can not go to rehab (family celebrations, holidays, etc.). Then you have a schedule of how you will be. This is a preliminary plan, which can be further modified. Generally, the timing of the clinic closes. But make sure you have enough time - it may happen that the physiotherapist takes you straight away. It will investigate you and together you will clarify the goals to be achieved. However, the session does not last long, the entrance examination takes about 15 minutes.

What can you expect?

Physiotherapy procedures are usually based on the nature of your troubles. There are a number of rehabilitation methods, but most often they are used:
soft tissue techniques,
ultrasound therapy,

Enhancement of body and soul

Rehabilitation exercises are a pleasant experience. Relax, relax, and for a moment you get out of everyday hustle and bustle. Accelerate convalescence and improve the healing process. Therapists will take care of you and, in particular, older people will appreciate the opportunity to talk to someone and gain a sense of support and help.

Source: Medicina

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